A quick hi, and a few general Suggestions

Hi, I’m new to the OrbusVR community and I wanted to first say hi to everyone =), the recent Alpha test was my first introduction to the game and it was a blast, I’m a bit on the shy side but it didn’t prevent me from making a few friends in the test, and I’m looking forward to meeting more of the community in the upcoming test so if anyone wants to team up in game for whatever let me know.

I also had a few suggestions and I would like to throw in my 2 cents:

*The player menu that can be opened via sliding your hand down while holding the trigger kept opening for me over and over and can get aggravating, an option to toggle that gesture off as the menu can also be opened with the Vive menu button.

*re-equipping bait constantly wasn’t very fun and the bait taken well over half my inventory, you can consider either making fishing bait of the same kind stack or perhaps make it auto equip the next set of bait, also checking which bait is usable and which is broken wasn’t very straight forward changing the border colors of broken bait to red can help.

*making the first page of the journal a table of contents of sorts, with categories like quests (finished/in-progress), achievements, fishing, spells, recipes, notes etc. The journal got messy very quick and is sure to get even bigger and messier as the game gets more and more content.

*The compass got really crowded in some locations making it hard to find your destination, maybe turning it to face you can open a small menu where you can unclick some locations, unclick the option to see party members in compass, or even mark a location as a target so its changes the color of its marker. (or just a small button on it if making it face you might interfere with journal or party chat)

*I was a big fun of the extra fun spells that the rune mage had, it is probably not as straight forward designing non-combat abilities for other classes but something along the line of allowing the musketeer to try and juggle 3 of his orbs for example can be neat.

Thanks for reading and have a great day.
P.s: sorry for any spelling or grammar mistakes.