A Statue - for me? I'm so touched

Eternally me in Orbus Rainforest:

It can be seen by all players.
What happened is that I could - once again - not grab anything, not the compass, not use the menu etc. … I crashed the game and after relog and running back I saw my corpse. A really nice player revived me and now there’s a statue of me everyone could see!

So my request now is to do several of these in each zone and name them Metris the Greatest errrm I mean of course unbug this if you can, thanks :slight_smile: !


alphabet is out of control there now erecting monuments to them selves.

As u can see from guild name I’m a Rebel again :wink:

Sorry about that, I fixed a bug and reset the zones, should take care of it.

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RIP Metris the Greatest.


Rebels are back? :o
Also the statue will forever live in our hearts.


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