A stylistic idea for legendaries (not a priority at all)

In this case, I’ll be talking about the warrior +6 sword (I think it’s called the conundrum).
This is a stylistic idea, but why not change the color the sword is depending on what combo you just performed? (Provoke would be a darker blue.) Again, this is not a serious idea, and I don’t know if it actually does this, but I feel like it would just be plain cool.
Just putting this out that this is NOT a serious suggestion, and should not be prioritized over bugfixes and potential balance changes.


While I absolutely love this idea, the only color I’d ever see is blue cause that’s all end game warriors do

lol just imagine watching the sword just give an epileptic seizure to everyone in the party from going to a light blue to dark blue that would be hilarious

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even better - imagine deciding to repeatedly cycle through combos
mm yes gimme colors

Conspiracy theory but if they had to remove animations/jiggle bones likely for quest from the old game weapons like the snake wand and fish bow I have a feeling this is not something that can be done as it would crash quest obviously.

But in all seriousness this would be cool to see and would be awesome.

Bruh just kite with hamstring ya nerd.


You know… I’m all out of space for RGB in my computer. RGB weapons in Orbus seems like a natural progression.

This is not confirmation it’ll happen, but it’s a neat idea.


Christmas wand w/ christmas lights stringed upon it

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