A way to show runes to other players


Right now, other players can’t see the runes you draw, which makes it inconvenient to tutor new players on the intricacies of how to draw the runes. It’d be nice if we could see them somehow.

If there’s some technical reason why we can’t see runes, then perhaps you could add a spell that makes your next rune stay in the air, and be visible to everyone.


to see another person runes they need to take rune smith potion


He was talking about Runemage spells @Vasilia_F


oh then should watch a steam or even a picture how they cast it


I agree it would be nice to have a setting (perhaps in graphics options) to show spells - it should be disabled per default in combat, though, because it is likely distracting to a group if someone forgets it.

Right now if people want to compare how they do them, ingame, it helps to stand right inside the other player to see his wand movements better, but of course it would be better if other players can see the actual drawing.


Maybe just make it visible inside the witches hut or some special instance. Would be less creepy than the standard ‘Let me just get inside you’ :rofl:


Has anyone checked the selfie bot on beta to see whether it shows images of drawn runes?