Abandoned mine issue

the first boss in abandoned mines is so big for a small area and the spikes so small also the adds across the bridge like the mage or the pistolers when they fallow a player up the bridge end up under the bridge and difficult to attack when moveing

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the boss is fine but the regular ads all throughout the dungeon constantly fall of the bridges or loose aggro and its very annoying

attacking while moving is easy for every class, all you have to do is shuffle slightly every few seconds

but @ChaseChair the stone golem is so big for his area and spikes small hard to see as a tanking view there is a lots of adds on the left conner that are a spike there and always agro

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I don’t see spikes either, they are real small and fade into the ceiling for me, color- and brightness-wise. The ads are too close, right, a workaround is to do them before the boss, just we don’t always remember to do so.

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I agree the spikes are smaller than original and the ceiling feels higher. I think an easy fix would be to lower the ceiling a bit.

Mobs bugging out and running under the map when bridges are involved has been there since launch of the dungeon. Any bolts that are shot fly under the map until too late and appear infront of you and hit instantly. The mine feels tedicious at times due to making sure mobs dont bug out in the little room we have. If the patching can be fixed to stop them going under bridges i think that would be the best fix.