About 7 Minutes Crypt with 5 Shamans Run! [No video]

So we had 3 Elysium (Sorry if I spelled it wrong), 1 Dragon Born, and 1 no fellowship (sorry if you had one, I didn’t see one) in a random dungeon queue.

We originally had 3 Shamans and after joking about how we needed to go 4 or 5 Shamans… Lo and behold. We ended up with 5 Shamans running the dungeon.

The mobs were just dying basically as we passed them. First boss died before the beam (3 of us were critical so we had to drop dps when we got punched so that the next person could take aggro). Next set of mobs were basically just dying on the go. Lich King died before he could do Death Burst or Minions. We literally had a constant chain multiplier the entire run. It was great.

I think the run went faster than even a runemage run and for the most part, we all got exp.

Unfortunately, I don’t know if any of us thought to do a video of the run.

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Was it a shard?

I was the Shawman with no league and the run was fantastic!!! So many totems building on one another and the enemy did not get a chance to do anything before the massive onslaught of chain lightning, lava, fireball, stun, and frost completely blew them away. I barely had time to setup my totems to get hits in. I would do that run again just to get it recorded.



they said it was random dungeon queue in the post, which makes sense

Oh I didn’t see that

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