Achievement Icons Updated on Steam

Just FYI, our achievements on Steam now have actual icons! Thanks to @Elijah_W for designing those for us. Check them out here:


I just noticed i still don’t have the “Getting to know you” achievement on steam, got it on the head start, the others were unlocked properly a few days ago.

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Same with me. I have the ‘Getting Started’ Achievement and the ‘One of Us’ Achievement, but it skipped right over that one.

Same here I have “Getting to know you” but not “Just getting started”

I got a few of the ones I should’ve had added when the script was added, but I am still missing at least 4 others:

Sorry to resurrect this, but I was curious if the scripting for updating the achievements was complete or if there were still known issues, as I was backcredited a few things but not others. (I also don’t have a way of seeing non-steam based achievements, but I believe it was called out as something that would be coming in the future)

I’m planning on doing another pass at the Steam ones when I get a chance.

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