Add a slot machine to orbus

Add a slot machine to the tavern where you can gamble dram.


please do this, i’m on my hands and knees begging. i’m at the point where i don’t know what to do with my dram. gambling it all, risking it would be so fun.


Hmm I’m not sure about regulations with gambling. This is an interesting idea though


i’m pretty sure as long as it’s not converted into real currency it’s fine.

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I would imagine it’s similar to loot boxes in other games. Especially if this were for legendary type transmogs, this would give long-time players something to spend their infinite dram on and work towards. There was some irritation a few years ago about how since the overworld legendary drop was so random, people who played for 100 hours a week couldn’t get anything whereas a greenleaf who left the game 2 hours later would have one. It gives you something to grind towards, without removing the luck factor.

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