Add lure journal pages once you catch a fiish / create a rune (Quest Users really need this)


I get that you want people to figure things out ingame, but after they figure something out you can’t expect them to memorize it.

People not on the quest can alt /tab to reference a notepad file they created or simply browse for spoilers.

People on the quest have to quit the game to browse the internet, or take off the quest to make notes.

Noone can memerize all these lure and rune combinations. Current system is unnacceptable.


It’s acceptable, and you can just ask someone, community is mostly very friendly

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some people don’t want to voice chat in game. some people can’t.

also, every time i’ve asked about lures in game they say they just look at the wiki when they need to know. they don’t have it memorized. do you have it all memorized? I think not.

why are you against adding journal pages once you have discovered a lure / rune? isn’t that what journals are for?


I never said I disagree, stop freaking out
Yes I have most of them memorized, and do you have a phone like every single human being, phones have google


chase is helping you also if you want help look for me ingame or some of my guild members in carnage or other guilds like alphabet or Monday knights even karma will help i am the blimp master know the lure by heart


if you take off the quest to look at your phone, the app crashes once the quest goes into standby after 30 seconds.

Also I don’t know what makes you guys think I’m freaking out. it is a discussion. I’m giving counter points.

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I disagree. I like having to remeber stuff and feel good when I can remember the teleport ruins to every zone, also it forces me to just ask people when I dont remeber and have made lots of friends that way. I have it all memorized, I feel it adds to immersion. If I was a mage irl or fisherman I’d memorize my craft as well.

In my opinion the quest really needs a way to know the weather for fishing way more.

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All the runes except teleports get put in your journal if you rub your book on spell stone


I’m talking about artificing.

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Artificing is also in your book, the recipes are hidden through the world and go in your book once you pick them up.

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I know I’ve see it suggested before but I like the idea of adding to the book where and what lure was used when you catch a fish. Even if it’s only when you break your personal record for weight of that type of fish since it’s saving the weight at that time anyway.

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Yes omg this plz.


I’d just ignore chasechair honestly, you’re fine.


Not sure how you can disagree not having a quest and with your current desktop background.
Quest users get screwed in this game at every turn


The problem with lures and artificing alike is that there are no fixed rune combinations; there’s some lures which allow to add an “enhancer” to it, for example, but it’s not a must, there are different preferences; and the combinations for tiles (artificing) fully depend on your playstyle.

You would have to take free notes for these, and I am all for having an option ingame to fill blank pages in the journal with an ingame-keyboard (and perhaps a separate rune-selector).
I’d use it not for this, but for a number of other notes like noting down when I put my potions in. I also hate to switch to Oculus dash for notes all the time, since my game crashes easily when I do.

PS: In case you are talking about recipes for runetiles, here are some notes (not from me; not tested) on where to find them, they all get saved into your journal once picked up:


Tiles Pages 1-3 - Knight’s Fort
Tiles Pages 4-6 - Lamavora Cave Front
Tiles Pages 7-8 - Hulthine’s South


I probably do have every fish lore memorized after 100000 pounds fish caught… uhm… probably shouldn’t count me. :wink:

Good sugestion:
Adding what they like to the fish description in the book once you catch the first one would be nice a nice thing to do. Maybe even notes where you caught it.

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yeah another big way quest users are screwed is the lack of ingame public event timer / notices. other vr hardware can use the online tool.


Just add lure information to the Fish Page.


Small Tooth
Small Tongue

Once you figure out what the lure consists of, it will update:


Small Tooth
Small Tongue
Large Minnow


Technically, you can use the online tool too if you use a phone. Yes, it’s a little easier for us to do it, but it’s still not impossible for you. The online tool isn’t a part of the game, that’s just a third party thing that was made using the API. Maybe the developers will add in support for a public event tracker (like the interactive map they added), but there’s really no point since the beams give you all the information you need. You’re able to teleport anywhere in the map, and now you can set waypoints with the map so you can find out exactly where the public event is taking place.

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