Add option to disable Bard sounds


When I bing am bong in a bing dungeon and calling bong mechanics or bing trying bong to hear mechanics bing I cannot bong with the Bard bing sound is constantly bong playing… Its the most distracting bing thing on bong the planet… I bing have had bong enough of despecito.


When I am in a dungeon and calling mechanics or trying to hear mechanics I cannot with the Bard sounds constantly playing… Its the most distracting thing on the planet… I have had enough of despecito.


I laughed way to hard at this :rofl:


+bing bong 1

This class is the true troll/annoy people with spam noises bong.


Hahaha hell ya!
But everytime we lost our bardewok we just needed to listen, who needs a compass :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


In all seriousness… This is an actual big problem… especially if we are going to use bards in our raid… When we are focusing on hard content… it is extremely distracting and causes people to mishear each other or react slower to what people say because they have to decode what they said through the noise of the bing bongs… it has really got to be changed… add an option to audio at least to change the volume separately to SFX (as most SFX are actually useful).

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Yea even if this topic sounds funny, i agree to 100% thats an annoying big problem


I am certain I am not the first person to report this as an issue… Some sort of response to the issue would be appreciated.


Okay, I will think of something to do with that.


Thanks! I appreciate the reply


Did someone else learn despacito? Brings a tear to my eye :’)
On a serious note as a bard, I don’t mind hearing others bing and bong beautifully. However the thing that does annoy me an immense amount is the people just spamming notes while playing bard. It sounds awful, but what I’m getting at is don’t make the solution so that if I don’t want to hear this one guy’s ignorance I can’t hear anyone else’s music. Maybe make a button that mutes a player’s sounds entirely (such as mage perfect casting/messing up spells or a musky’s orbs) without actually muting the player. I always thought that during a raid where a mage would get many successful casts, that it was annoying, as well as musky orbs hitting the ground or flying by. This would fix that as well as bard.

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But then how will you know we made that amazing shot that healed you or know to shame us when it zooms past your head!?


On boss 2 expert, all I could hear was zooming by healing pools and “Oops I hit an ad,” or “An ad got in the way.” Also why flame the healer when you have dps all around? What else are the dps good for? :smiling_imp:


That’d be a mighty fine addition. So all in all:

  1. allow music composition and play back choice for bard
  2. allow other players to turn down bard music volume separate to SFX

all problems solved and world peace is restored once again thanks to superman


Although the first idea is cool, it’s not top priority and could have issues (such as someone composing just all the notes on a single note to make the class easy). As for the second it shouldn’t be just bard music, but all class and player bound sfx separate from actually muting the player, as I described in my post. Mainly because I imagine a scoundrel coming up to you and shooting all 6 bullets into your head constantly could get a bit annoying…


u all know u love my flight of the bumble bees


+++ thx for this post and thx @ riley for doing something… I am having a harder time than most people to filter and concentrate on what is said when there’s too much bg noise around, but the constant bard pling-plang-plong made it nearly impossible.

I tended to lower sfx greatly when one was around, like in events, but when you need to hear important indicators in dungeons that’s not an option.

Add option to disable bard sounds rebump

Sorry I misunderstood your post my bad…


Top Priority

  • allow ability to turn down SFX volume separated by class (bard being the highest prio)

Nice to haves

  • Allow ability for bards to save and playback tracks they create to play in combat (some composition type of feature).
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