Add rewards to the harder achievements

Currently there isn’t really any incentive to try to get the harder achievements since they give no reward and there is no way to show them off in-game. Most of the easy to get achievements have titles, which is fine, but when you get to the ones that are actually hard to get or take a lot of grinding and time, there isn’t an achievement for most of them.

As an example, there is the “Speedrunner” title, which you get from competing any level shard dungeon in less than 15 min, which is really easy. The achievement for doing a level 15 shard in less than 15 min has no title or other reward, but it’s way harder to do.
Or in the mini story pack there is an achievement to kill 30 of the giant dreadfang, but there is no reward for it, so why would you bother doing it?

There are many more of the achievements that you just don’t have any reason to do, because they don’t get you anything to show that you did them.


I would really love to see any change in this even if it is a minor reward. Maybe we get more people then, who go for the crazy achievements and play the game more :slight_smile:


I want crazy hard archievements to get wings and other unquie items that maybe only comes from very hard to get archivements! :kissing_smiling_eyes: would be cool to have more goals

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Also seeing the achievement listed in categories would be a nice QoL improvement, there is a lot more achievements now which makes it harder to scroll to the right place when looking for stuff, could have a few different categories such as

  • PvE
  • PvP
  • Crafting
  • Questing
  • Miscellaneous

That would be a good reason for me to keep playing for sure. Having new goals for getting new achievements sounds awesome!