Add tabs to journal

How about adding tabs on the side of the journal that you could pull/tap to skip that area.

Could have a tab for:

  • Main Quest
  • Side Quests
  • Recipes
  • Maps
  • Fish caught
  • Class tips
  • Spells memorized
  • Archive

The archive could be a place you send pages you don’t really use. Like player tips or side quests you don’t intend on doing for a while.


Glad somebody else also reports this :smiley:
I suggested this back in closed beta. The current journal just isn’t future proof. Hope they decide to work on it like this :slight_smile:


This is something they’ve talked about doing since the journal’s introduction, so I’m sure they’ll hit it at some point.

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I agree with this 110%


This feature is on our list of possible future enhancements to the game.


I would also like to add, if it all possible could we move all the spell pages towards the back of the journal? I hate having to flip from looking at a quest entry over X amount of spell pages I’ve collected to see the map for the location of said quest. I know we all have walked the areas enough that we should know but every now and again there is that one quest where you’re like “now where was that at?”.


I actually came here today to post this exact thing.

I’d also like to add that we should be able to add the teleport spells to the journal. There’s no reason why they shouldn’t be in there. Just make it so you need to visit the spot first to unlock it, or have it so another runemage can teleport you there (for free or a charge!).

But making me leave the VR world just to jot down the teleport runes? (Or look them up) Nah


I hope this gets implemented. The more times you have to flip 15 pages to look at something, the more you want bookmarks.

  1. Default bookmark tabs show up on left or right edges of the journal and can be pressed with the finger
  2. Default tabs can be Quests, Fish, Recipes, Spells, Quest Lore, Lore, Tips like OP described
  3. They have different colors and you can re-arrange the order of bookmarks other than Quest
  4. You can add several custom bookmarks by pressing a star near the corner of every page, this creates a white bookmark that you can tag with 0-9 for example.
  5. Pressing a tab will “quick flip a bunch of pages (same animation every time)” to the start of those categories or saved page

Maps should come before recipes IMO.


Jordan makes a good point. Anything I’m leaving the game world (breaking immersion) to write down should be something I can get in my journal.

This is a big request, but personally I’d love to craft a quill and be able to write my own notes in my in-game journal. Also would love to be able to mark up the existing pages with my own notes. Like what lure I used to catch a fish, or where certain points of interest are on the map.


Being able to make your own notes would be amazing. I love that idea of writing down the lure/etc.


Was just on my way to post this request :slight_smile:
Between bookmarks, custom note pages and drawing on the main pages it would hugely improve the usability of the journal! As it is right now it really doesn’t scale that well having it as a box to contain all information that simply doesn’t fit anywhere else. Scrolling through the pages can be tiring and as there’s no real reasoning to the order of the chapters you may end up scrolling through multiple times to find what you’re after.

Bookmarks alone feel an essential feature if the journal continues to be such a central tool. :smiley:


Would be interesting but then again would be a chore to write it all down using their finger keyboard. Would be better if they had a fishing lure page where you could use the existing looking for group feature except you can select the area + select the lures you use in there as you collect new lure types.

Yeah it doesn’t have to be the journal.

What I’m looking for is anything that prevents me from leaving the game during game play for the sake of playing better.

There’s been a couple of posts in suggestions around custom notes and separate maps, but I whole heartedly agree with bookmarks more than anything. That also feels like the most viable start point.

If adding in the big ol tabs becomes a problem, what about a contents page so the book opens at the start each time but you can tap on sections to jump to certain points.


I agree. I would like bookmarks too. My book is very full and I hate it all the time to scroll all pages …

I like the notes idea too (Maybe as the last tab of the journal), but I wouldn’t want to write it by hand using a quill. I would just prefer to type notes using the in-game keyboard so that my handwriting won’t be terrible.

Bookmarks/tabs, yes!!! However, I read somewhere a while back saying that adding the ability to draw/write on the current pages would require a ton of storage to keep track of everything that people wrote in their journals, but mainly if it were by hand. Personally, I’d be fine if we were given the ability to type everything in order to save space on the servers rather than having the immersion factors of writing it myself, despite the finger keyboard.

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Oh, I registered to suggest this, hope it moves up the list :). Scrolling through all spells and fish every time I want to look at the map is a bit tedious (I solved the issue by just having screenshots of all areas - and the portal spells - on desktop, switching to there in Oculus Dash).
Also there is a little bug, the very latest quest can never be looked up rightaway, this page switches to my first spell instead. The workaround is to scroll quite some pages back and then forth again.

This sounds super cool. Being able to make notes on pages, which already exist can be super handy.