Adding a frame that allows us to use our own pics

Can that be possible? A picture frame that allows us to import our images? So we could frame our own pictures in our player houses.

Frame our adventures or random things.

~ Pyronaeus.


That’s a cool idea! I love it!

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Devs would have to be careful how they add that but it would be cool.

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True, since the player count is generally low, they could probably manually approve all pictures.

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not like anyone can come to your house to see them anyway, so would it really matter that much what people put on their walls?


Yea, unless they add visiting other houses I don’t see the problem with having vore on my walls!

(For legal reasons this is a joke)


The easiest way I can think of making this a reality is making a folder somehwere inside the orbus directory were images are stored that corresponds to painting X. So you can just manually replace the image as player and can get a new image showing up for only your client side.