Adding clear zone/area enter signs

I talked to someone who had a great suggestion to make the environment better navigatable. If you switch zones to another area, it would be great to have a message pop up that you are in this new zone now, so you know you are in the right zone. Or better, have a sign blended in with the environment that has the zone name on it. Like when walking into the rainforest having a sign say “Rainforest”. Helps beginners alot with knowing where they are.

The current signs help to know in what direction you need to go, but doesn’t specify when you are entering a place. So this could help alot for ppl to know the world. And the current map is a way to find out where you are but is too indirect and bothersome to be the only solution.


Um … yes please.

Great idea :smile:

This would a godsend

We think this is a great suggestion, and we’ll take a look at implementing something like this.


a 3d map would also be cool

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