Adds based on party size?


I can’t be sure I hadn’t already switched to beta at that point. I would try on beta first. Get a group (even just two of you), head down to Wenderwood and pull some Wyrms. I’m quite confident we had a group of at least 3 and never pulled more than one Wyrm. If you pull more than one, try it on the main branch.


Alright, thanks for the feedback!


Just for some general knowledge, the call for help mechanic doesn’t actually kick in until fighting monsters above Lvl 8. So chances are its not anything to do with the main branch or Beta branch, but probably more that you started fighting mobs at a higher level like you said (lvl 8 vs lvl 10). Like Damage said though we have been taking the suggestions into consideration.


I’d suggest you also look at polymorph breaking being a trigger for “call for help”. If a group is using polymorph (or I assume traps?) in order to reduce combatants by one, it seems odd to bring the total back up to +1 when the formerly polymorphed creature realizes it’s now alone.

I’m of the opinion that the initial pull number, should remain static unless you proximity agro (get too close) to another during the fight.

Now if you change the mechanic and certain types of monsters are more social, then this makes sense. On that note, I’d also like it if the howl of worgs did a longer range “call for help” as opposed to another worg appearing out of nowhere.


Oh yeah…100% agree with Tumoroh about the Worgs. A “call for help” should not “summon” others out of thin air. It should pull from nearby, and if there aren’t any nearby, it gets no help.


For some reason I think that these monster problem would be worked out if stronger monsters were given more isolating areas. Where one deliberately goes to certain places to farm/train for near similar level monsters.


The way parties & mob pulling works right now is totally broken. Monsters come from areas you don’t even see, sometimes even from far-far behind you or through walls. Who cares if 2 people team up and take down a harder monster, is that not a point of being in a group? People still do it anyways by being two separate players outside of a group and trying to keep relatively the same damage. In one instance, I supported leveling another mage by only casting frost/knockbacks while he did the big damage spells to get the majority of XP.

I also ran into a bug once where every time I polymorphed a mob(that was already in combat with us) and we “popped it” by dealing damage to it after leaving polymorph, it would re-aggro a fresh set of monsters from FAR, FAR away causing an endless continual battle as I’d have to keep polymorphing. This was consistent for a night of farming(I just stopped using polymorph & we broke group) but I haven’t been able to replicate it since so maybe it was fixed?

Not gonna comment heavily on armored wargs, but yes they can create unwinnable situations especially if a mob freshly spawns on top of you & it summons 2 wargs near death.


Quick followup to my original post. My friend did some power-leveling yesterday, so he is now 2 levels above me (12 and 10). However, I tend to get my spells off a bit more reliably than he. Consequently, even though he dealt more damage our totals ended up fairly similar. We found no reason to play as a party at all. We would get approximately the same experience un-grouped but only having to face one creature at a time, which meant we died A LOT less.

To reiterate, the system seems broken if it discourages partying.

/end of rant


This is prop off topic but a few words from how another game, Runescape, had handled exp and groups.

The player that did the most damage to a monster would get the full exp and loot. However in most areas once a monster was being hit by someone else it couldn’t be ‘stolen’ by another player. There were however multiplayer areas where parties or groups would be able to share loot and exp. There were also ‘world events/bosses’ where anyone that participated would eventually get a reward which is more akin to how every monster in OrbusVR currently is.

Now the problem with this is that I, or anyone else for that matter, wouldn’t be able to help out a random stranger if they are struggling to kill a monster. Tricky subject indeed about agro, exp dividends, and whose kill is it.

This will eventually need to be somehow addressed…I just imagined a scenario where a group of high levels range players would begin killing most redtails making level up for new players extremely difficult, slow, and frustrating…


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