Adult seeking adult fellowship to join

I just purchased my Quest, and Orbus, less than a week ago. I am quickly approaching level 30 as a musketeer (healer), and would like to run some dungeon content, as well as receive some help with end game content.

As a 46 year old gamer, I would prefer to join other older adults when adventuring. Also, I’m looking for a more relaxed group, who don’t take things TOO seriously, but want to get the job done. Preferably an active fellowship, with at least a few members on with some regularity.

Please let me know who, and how, to contact you if you’re looking for a laid-back healer who does the best he can and is willing to help others in any way he can. I must really stress “older” and “laid-back” folks are what I’m looking for in a fellowship.

Thanks. (Character name: Glenny).
Time zone: U.S. Central

try to find some that peaks your interest and on your time zone

Hello, I see you are looking for a fellowship that is a bit older. The majority of Zino is older than younger (1 younger 3 older) but we are very active. We are allied with Kârma so we do raids every week with them and we have weekly events. If you are interested in joining or just seeing what we are like join the Zino discord by going to the unofficial OrbusVR discord, fellowship recruitment, and join the discord. If you want to join you could also fill out the form application there.

@Decnav you still around?

He used to run OMG (Old Man’s Guild).

Playerbase has dropped a bit after that.

Karma/Stonecutters has a few older players. We are one of the same guild pretty much. We’re pretty chill and relaxed, but run higher level content. We raid every Friday and run high shards usually daily. My in game name is SirSchmoopy. Feel free to send me a message, you can run some content with us and see how you like it.