Advanced Dungeon Queues

So…. in the game currently you can dungeon queue for the 4 basic dungeons and at any level, 1 thru 30. Heres my idea….Remove the Raid Queue (has raid queue ever worked?!) and replace it with an “Advanced Dungeon Queue” . Have it only unlocked when you hit level 30. Unsharded Mines, Temple, Cove, and Plateau. I believe it would help new level 30’s and also help players who are not experienced with the more tough dungeons. And keeping them unsharded shouldn’t put to much pressure on the adventurers.


It would be neat if both the regular dungeon queue and this ‘advanced dungeon queue’ had separate daily experience bonuses, too. Have the ‘advanced dungeon queue’ give a bigger experience bonus since they’d be geared towards level 30’s who need the highest amount of experience for their overlevel points.


I strongly 2nd this. Lately the dungeons I’ve been playing are by queue, can’t even remember when was the last time I played Cove or Temple.
Technically the raid queue should work. But as it’s way more efficient to schedule raids or make the party inviting online friends/players in the Hall, nobody ever enter the raid queue.
Just one thing I wonder about: would players be able to enter the Temple having no key in their inv?

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Thats because the raid queue is broke and has not ever worked.(as far a i can remember) Sure you can queue up, it will even pop when 10 have joined. But the portals wont let you enter the boss area. As for the key for entering the temple, got me on that one. Maybe for queue purposes no key would be necessary but entering thru the door in the basin a key would be needed.


Honestly, I don’t think it would hurt the game at all to just remove the key altogether & open Ancient Temple to everyone. It’s the only dungeon in the game that’s locked behind a key and I don’t really see much of a point to still having it that way, or even what the point ever was in the first place.

This is a great idea, though. I think it will help a lot of new/inexperienced players get valuable mechanics experience on those other 4 dungeons. I’ve met a fair amount of fresh level 30’s who didn’t even know that there were additional dungeons in the game outside of the 4 that can be found in Highsteppe City.


I liked the idea originally of having to get the key but the novelty wears off after you forget it the third time lol


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