Advanced Graphic Options, PLEASE <3

Now that Oculus Link is a thing and that Quest users can now make use of that, can we please see some more advanced graphic options for PC users as it’s very hard to tell the difference between the different profiles, I have it on Ultra it doesn’t look nearly as good as old Orbus used to on Ultra, you had nicer textures, some extra grass and stuff and there were sun rays it just looked way nicer than it does right now

I know you’ve reduced this to help with performance, but those of us with the beefy computers would like to pump it up a bit, if we have advanced options we could switch bits on/off and customise it to what our computers can handle and then if it’s not running as well while it’s all maxed out that’s on us to turn it down rather than being limited to presets of Low, Medium, High, Ultra which don’t really seem to change a whole lot


Totally agree. Been wanting the ability to fine-tune options. I’ve never used the preset options in any PC game over played. I’m strait to custom and adjusting the options that matter to me. I’m still pretty sure ultra super samples some, which is problematic. I’m on an index and a little SS suddenly had me rendering a 5k to 6k scene. I could be allocating that power to other graphics options.


I miss a gamma option if that’s possible so those of us suffering under too dark/bright environments can tune it according to where and when we play at.

As well colors and contrasts, I frequently hear players in groups stating they can’t see colors at all (colorblinds) or can’t distinguish some, options to tune them differently than default would be nice.


Just to illustrate that, this is Graphics on Low:

And here is Ultra…:

(Or was it the other way round - hard to tell! :grimacing: )


No they clearly both on default, right? :stuck_out_tongue:

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the bottom one has…shadows :astonished:

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For instance you could add some cracks running up that rock maybe throw some bushes at the base, I’m sure Cialis would sponser it lol


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