Aging Potions Question



Ive started aging potions , I havent aged in a long time since I ruined four potions by aging them. I have a few questions about aging potions:

Do potions age while offline or only when your online?

How much can regular aged potions be sold for?

How can you get finely aged potions?

How much time do you have to wait to age regular healing potions?

If you put a stack of potion in the aging rack , do they not age and you have to seperate them through out the rack or do they still age as a stack?


Some of those questions likely won’t be answered on the forums since the devs want to keep the forums fairly spoiler free. I’ll answer what I can.

  1. Potions age while you are offline. Different potions have different grace periods before they turn into ruined potions.
  2. As much as someone is willing to buy them for - there is no cap. Browse the potions being sold by stalls to see what they typically go for.
  3. No idea. Ask on Discord :slight_smile:
  4. Try it and find out. Check in on your potions frequently. Or ask in Discord :slight_smile:
  5. Stacks of potions age just like individual potions. Just don’t move them or split the stack once they are in the rack. Doing so will reset the aging timer.


Ok thanks , I think I can sell aged healing potions for 150 dram


Another question to add to this ,how much does a healing potion heal and how much does a aged healing potion heal.


check here:
has most of the aging times.

the regular healing potions are level 1 potions and will barely do anything at higher levels you need concentrated healing potion which age twice to get the finely aged one. a finely aged concentrated healing potion pretty much takes you from no health to full health.


This highly varies, it basically depends on how many vendors are offering them for which prices. And sure you CAN sell potions for prices people are ‘willing’ to pay, but I never been too dependent on that, rather keeping my stuff if prices for it drop too much, because I calculate them from efforts/dram/game-time spent for the produce.

If I am spending an hour to farm and craft for something, I wouldn’t throw it away for less than around 2k, for example, rather more - because this is the amount I could easily farm spending that time to kill mobs instead of watching my cauldron or fishing…

I don’t really understand some of the market prices, imho the most expensive potions should be those which need to be crafted 1 by 1 (with no 5x, 10x recipes available). Even if mats might be cheaper, the time spent to craft these is much higher and even with netflix it’s pretty boring waiting for those colors to turn x times.

As for the finely aged potions, I didn’t sell any for a longer time and then only around 5 during the last month (setting the lowest market price, along with another stall). They are needed for only a fraction of expert fights or records and players doing those likely also care for their potions themselves. The time to age them is awfully long, reborn will be almost there when the next batch is done and since they are useless then, it’s risky to do stocks.


Sold the 8 aged healing potions I had for a thousand dram