Agro with the scaling system

I was never a big fan of the scaling system in place and after playing, i still have issues, but i get it being implemented with the small amount of players. It does still give you little reason to go from area to area to monster grind like the old version and things still having a good chance at killing you even outside the first city even though your half way to cap is frustrating. I still would much rather see a party sync/scaling system instead of what we have…but i doubt that will change.

What needs to change is the agro system. Its really annoying to be constantly agroing everything when you’re trying to make your way to a farther area. Anything that is green or what would normally be lower level than you and normally not agro should still do so.

Since i came back i haven’t found much of a reason to go more than a few mins away from the first city (is there a higher level gathering city at some point? or is HS all we ever go to?) Mobs even shortly away from the gate can kill me and im getting tired of constantly having to slow down and run from some of the what should be lower end mobs.

People defend the scaling and say it makes the whole world relevant, but imo its only made it less relevent and far more efficent to stay at the starter area.


Only a fraction (plus devs) defend scaling, there’s tons of older threads wanting it to go.

As for the aggro range, green mobs shouldn’t aggro so easily, once you’re significantly higher (knowing your level would be interesting). The only area I feel like being jumped at left and right is Wastelands, specially with red mobs and I hate that also, leashing mobs every time I go to the Mine as well as the fact that I can be nuked by groups, playing certain classes, and nothing to do about it; but well, it’s less a question of levelscaling but area-design.
Won’t repeat what I all wrote in other threads like the above but yea, I want it to go for other reasons as so many.

Further cities: There will be three Outposts in the later MSQ, with NPCS etc., but no “gathering city”. And imo it would also be pointless creating another one since the player count is way too low to make it worthwhile; in the HS shard are perhaps 10 players at once, every time I check. Also this was tried in the OG that was tried already, there was Highsteppe and Guild City, both with stalls and stuff, yet Guild City was pretty much a ghost town, literally everyone gathered in Highsteppe instead and sighed if he had to travel there just to refill stalls or check those.
As for goin away from HS there also just was a recent thread about that, I don’t repeat what I said there either, but I got plenty reasons to visit other areas, farming, events (overlevel perks), daily/weekly quests amongst them.

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While I see both arguments about level-scaling, this has been brought up time and time again with little affect (As far as I know). Not much to say that hasn’t been addressed.

I do like the idea of an high-level hang out but not like the player count is high enough to keep both from seeming empty.

As for agro, it’s annoying for low levels to aggro you. But you have to be really close to them to aggro.

If you’re dying easy then get better at killing. Level scaling does suck but if you’re not killing things before they kill you that’s on you and your skill level. Just practice or try another class.

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This is true aswell - you should be able to pick off enemies one by one. However, he did not mention that he was getting killed. Just that those smaller enemies are still pose the possibility of getting killed.

It’s more a case of the inconvenience of getting slowed down and forced to fight enemies that you do not wish to fight.

While the less than 1 percent pro-level (paid writers?) scalers always get their words in. While entitled. This post is complaining against it and I think we owe it some respect. I think they have a valid point and I think it’s been a thorn in every one’s side enough to have another serious, reasonable look at it? After all, where do all the new players go? They surely see the level scaling first and get discouraged enough to just leave the game rather then embrace it… I want more player choice to play with, not less. Level scaling takes game progression and reward feelings away.


Did I say I was dying? I play mainly a MSK and it’s just a pain to deal with agro from everything and anything. Again it also encourages you to stay near town and not leave if you can.

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You see … when I first started Orbus - I didn’t realize that the enemies were level-scaled in the first place until I looked on the community posts. Honestly, it didn’t cross my mind as a new player. That and I never played old orbus so I don’t have an idea what it was like when Orbus didn’t have level-scaling. I feel a fresh new player would not be discouraged because they would have no clue about level-scaling untill they level and realize (even then maybe not)

I’m not saying level-scaling Is good or bad, I’m saying that it can be done correctly and incorrectly.

You have many good points Mike, and I agree with you that some game choices are annoying, frustrating and drag the game down a bit.

I am all for a civil discussion on the matter.

Wasn’t getting involved because I’ve given up with the whole arguing with complainers, but it’s laughable to think that those of us with different opinions are getting paid. I disagree with you because I honestly enjoy level scaling, not because I’m some hotshot that the devs are paying.


That wouldn’t be a bad idea to get a little pay just for taking a few minutes to write x3

I am all for a civil discussion please. I’m tired of these always ending in war. It’s pointless


To get discussion back on track…

Well, we had alot of posts of new players in those threads who didn’t notice that because indeed many, many are not :smiley: (and they didn’t notice that either). The whole schizophrenia of having quite many groups and mobs excluded from levelscaling, all over the world and often in between the scaled, makes the discussion bit tedious. As well as another surprise, your level and the mob’s level still does matter, because the Reborn levelscaling is also not what most think it is when they hear the word. The scaled mobs are never behaving like they were your level, except if you really happen to be the exact same as their original level (which also could be indicated clearer than with those colors). Levelscaling in Orbus only drops the mob a “few” (I think max 4) levels below you, whenever you are 4+ levels higher and same amount above you if you are lower.
So we don’t even have “real” or any consistent levelscaling, we have non-scaled mobs everywhere and a scaling down and up for the rest, for reasons I still don’t understand.

So many posted they want levelscaling gone in the Overworld, but for dungeons it does make sense. Well, in the current form it’s pretty much pointless, even for dungeons, no one really likes to see low levels in the group. They will still not really contribute in a level 20 dungeon, as a level 10 or 5, while the 30s - if they are around - are nuking everything. And no wonder, they are 4 levels below the mobs, the 26+ players are 4 levels higher (might be -4/+6 meanwhile) and this can never even guessed by players without reading the forums.

Back to the overworld, I’d like to have elites for those who want a challenge, high hp, special drops (like it was in the OG) and the rest be normals, lower hp and behaving exactly like they are expected, levelwise. It was fine how it was, I farmed all these areas in the OG, two were rather easy, than the longer fights began, because mobs levels were obviously rising, all areas were unique; it wasn’t the same mix of this and that everywhere which hardly anyone understands; it’s too sad many did not even experience it and thus have no comparison. I like Reborn as a whole, but the Overworld would be so much better with the old system imo.

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I really do understand why the devs thought scaling everything would help. Its a small population and on paper it seems to be the way to go, but sadly the drawbacks hurt just as much as it helps. Most games cant get scaling right to begin with and the same issues always come up one way or the other. The good thing here is that its and MMO with a party system. Syncing parties would be far more efficient imo.

Party syncing would solve issues for both sides. The overworld could be kept as is was and since most people seems to be soloing anyways we would get back the upsides of a non-scaled world (feeling of progression in both directions, a need to use all parts of the world, hastening travel for players as they get higher since agro wont be an issue…ect). This also solves the issue with a mix of people from different level ranges when they want to group. the higher levels scale down to the lowest player and they can benefit from grouping with them even if you are 20 levels higher. That also forces all players to have to move through the world and use all parts of it because you will eventually out-level an area and move on, along with your party.

maybe a system like that isnt possible for the devs to develop or maybe they havent designed the world to progress like it used to, but i think it should be considered if they can.

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