Airship 10 to hard under 15 mins

ok nothing. delete the thread
i give up on suggestion forum xD

While I agree that having spwn times be reduced after killing a group would be a good tweek i would like, your statement of it not being possible to do an airship 10 in 15 minutes is completely false, the 2 fastest airship 10s both had more than 15 minutes on the clock and were done without any cheatsy tactics.

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oh wow
ok its might be possible I dont know if they use any cheat tricks but there are some that could make it possible or they just playing mage in god level to get it clear xD but I mean normal human cant do it in time without cheat tricks

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Sure you can, you just need to optimise you tactics and see what you can do better. You mentioned having a full shaman group, but shamans really aren’t that great for airship(at least not the way I’m used to doing airship) and this is one of the places having a good ranger can really help by pulling the mobs almost imideatly after they spawn to reduce delay as much as possible. Now I don’t know about your healer/tank situation, but with a skilled warrior you can do almost the whole dungeon without a healer(the whole dungeon if you have a good mage to keep agro on flyers and decurse poison from themselves)

Also there’s no one who said that every dungeon should be doable in 15 min on higher levels.

That’s a giant middle finger to Elysium and Alphabet. Would you care to explain how we’re cheating?

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no i dont know about glitching on airship you guys just good
but i know there is a way to do it
I never said that someone did that
like everyone is not staying on topic thats just sad : p
so thats why i leave the suggestion and bug report forum

just reduce the spawning time for the portals

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There used to be a way to cheat it, but it got patched.
This is the only recorded run AFAIK using that tactic.

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Ah, I get email notifications decide to see whats going on, and I see my name pop up. Wild

How is @Ă…smund_T and @Indiana_Mishka_Jones not on topic? :joy: :clown_face:

I’ve noticed your “suggestions” are always you saying something is to “hard” or “unavailable”
I don’t know what you’re doing wrong but it’s something. What’s your gear rating? Bc it was a common complaint that the game was too easy.

Maybe just keep playing and get better every time you play, don’t just log in and mindlessly play. Set a goal to get good at something and achieve it, simple as that. Want to learn D method as a mage? Go into player house target room and practice for a couple hours or however long it takes to get it down.

I’ve never seen you in game, are you in a fellowship? And I mean one that can actually do all the content in the game?

You know the community here is pretty friendly for how competitive we can get as well. Pretty much anyone will help anyone. Just ask around, don’t go to forums begging to make the game easier to your skill level.


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