Airship Route Feedback

I will be doing another pass on the Airship route, I would appreciate some feedback on the current route before I remake everything. I know there is a spot or two running into trees/mountains, and at one dock its coming in at an angle and doesn’t properly dock.

The feedback I’m looking for is:

  • On the current turns do they seem too fast, too jagged, if it turned slower would that help?

  • When the ship climbs up/down does this feel too fast?

  • Any part of the route that is way worse then others? (minus running into mountain)

I will be getting this updated for a patch later this week so any input before then is appreciated

Curves are weird… too sharp. And the whole airship moves choppy all the time. Can’t you do smooth movement using delta time?

Besides the clipping through mountains, there are definitely a few places where it turns in a really jagged or nausea inducing way.

In general, I like all the stops, though the route feels a little weird sometimes, like when you leave from Highsteppe and it starts going towards Lakewood Inn and then makes a crazy hard U-Turn to go to guild city.

I love the views along the way, I almost wish there were mini-events that could happen randomly along the way (even if they weren’t gameplay related, like a rare lightning strike during storms that makes the ship smolder briefly, or seeing some type of flying weird monster in the distance, etc. I’m sure this is probably outside the scope of this feedback request, but I love airships.)

I wish I could move around a bit more on the airship itself… I have a semi-decent space for roomscale, so I can usually get a fairly decent view, but I’d love to be able to look right over the edge. Even if they were pre-designated hook points as opposed to full freedom, it would be awesome.

Similarly, if there was an interior to the ship for those who get sick outside, but with some way of knowing which stop you are, etc.

Lastly, I really wish there was some way of having an idea of how long until the airship arrived at a given dock, be it from an NPC, or UI element, sign, etc. If you just missed it, it can take a looong time.


I haven’t tried it recently f you updated it but I notice every single turn is very jagged. not sure how you set the path but i’m assuming you can fix the issue by adding many more point along the path, and having them not too far from each other as it follows a curve in the path. This should make it much smoother (if that’s even how you make it work) i’m imagining a rail system where it hits different points and gets to the final destination. idk

Oh yeah… I also really wish we could move around on the airship. It would be great having a party on that airship :smiley: Runemage casting their fireworks spell all the time. Gosh, this would be so awesome :smiley:

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Personally I have issues with sliding locomotion, preferring to use the Teleport option. Because of this, I do on occasion, get a little iffy when flying in the Airship, especially on the last twist coming into Guild City Dock. I considered this a ‘me’ problem rather than a game issue. My only idea would be a nice little docking noise when the ship stops, that way I can close my eyes during trip and not miss my stop. :smiley:

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yeah is that possible? if so, please?

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So in this Patch thats coming out today (11/30/17) we added in a new Airship model to fit with the newer art style, and also changed the route, and the way we do the route. So I took out 2 stops (Cloud Resort, Wenderwood) for now to see if the shorter route would make the Airship a more viable option for traveling, right now if you start at Highsteppe, and go to the Desert dock (last stop) it takes a little over 5 minutes, and waiting at an Airship dock is usually under 2 - 3 minutes waiting on a ship. I worked on getting the turns smoothed out, but they are still not where I would like them so I will keep working on getting them where they need to be (warning for the easily nauseous). That being said, the way we are doing the Route now on our end is easier to change and adjust so Im confident we can get it where it needs to be, just wanted to follow up with an update for the thread.


the turn into guild city is nuts and doesnt feel possible haha

Can we move on the ship now? :slight_smile:

no not currently, we will probally look into doing this in the future, but for now its still only room movement if you want to move,

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What is the order of the stops?

if you start at highsteppe it goes. Highsteppe—>Guild City—>New Kingsport—>Lakewood Inn—> Desert—> Highsteppe

Have you thought about making Guild city the Hub for the airship routes? You could have 4 routes from guild city.

Route 1 - HighSteppe, Lakewood Inn, Desert
Route 2 - Plains, Lucian frontier
Route 3 - Jungle, Balloon Resort
Route 4 - Frosted Spit

You could have a sign to detailing the route at each air dock station


I haven’t used the new versions, but I watched them fly thru each other over the weekend… neither fell from the sky.

Didn’t see anyone fall from them either.

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