Alchemy, Artificing and Tilesets

Hello all, I’ve been doing my best to try and find info about these topics, but I’m having no luck. Could yall help me out and give me the rundown about what these 3 topics are, how to do them, and why theyre useful? Thanks!

Alchemy - potions. Mostly used for fishing and end-game dungeon/raid content.
Artificing - for making tilesets. Used to increase your damage output. Most valuable at end-game content. There is very little public information regarding tilesets, especially for the newer classes (bard, scoundrel, shaman, and paladin).

This forum post has a lot of player-created info:

Specifically, these wikis are helpful:


Alchemy creates potions. You can find recipes out in the world and they’ll show in your journal.

Tiles/Artificing… Each rune means something depending on the class you’re playing. When you make a tileset, you’re basically enchanting your gear to give you a damage buff when you complete the actions required. For instance, a common mage tileset gives you a buff when you cast Fireball followed by Frostbolt. They’re easy spells to chain, so getting a 10% (from what I’ve been told, I don’t run numbers myself because I’m hopeless at parsing) buff for throwing a Frost every now and then is awesome. You create tiles using the alchemy system but using ore instead of plants, then take tiles to your basement to create a set.

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