All 3 World Boss Rings should be infusable!


Reason: People mostly skip the chaos-boss which only drops wisdom rings, only doing the other two.

It would be a GREAT reward to be able to infuse not two, but three rings into each other and then have the best ring in the game only once you do all 3 bosses, successfully. And lead to way more events than now.

Other than that I got 1 ring today after 2h+ and 20-30 kills in that is still not a great rate.

[Suggestion is from a player who wants to stay anonymous… name starts with Jo I think… and ends with Jo, too O.o]


I think this would be a good way of making is so all the bosses were all equal value, right now we always do treesus and scav and then once people start to leave and we don’t have enough to carry on with them we will go do about 3 kills on chaos giant so people can get the cape and any missions for it completed

When this suggestion was made on the discord, everyone seemed to agree with it, this way instead of infusing treesus ring into scav ring, we would fuse chaos ring and scav ring into treesus ring making it so we have more reason to do chaos giant

I thought it was a Yo and a Yo :wink:


It would be so much more logical. if you wanted the best possible ring, you should need rings from all three bosses, and infuse them into one!
(One ring to rule them all)

Right now the one in lamavora is heavily neglected. Please make the other ring-stats movable as well @Riley_D , this would make people stay for all three bosses, not just drop off :slight_smile: