All aboard The Pain Train!


You! Yes, I’m talking to You! Okay okay, disclaimer: while you’re at this point in the post I don’t know who “you” are. But that’s what I’m looking to change!

Do you have a 20 job and no FS to call home? Have you found yourself in a fading FS and wishing there were active players on hand? Perhaps you’re unhappy with the way your FS is run or maybe you just want a change of pace from the 20 drama. Life got in the way and now you’re behind on Tradu or Shard Dungeons? Whatever it is, I feel ya and have been in each of those scenarios.

The Pain Train is aiming for a major in serious end game content, with a minor in open world PvP. I’m no pro, and currently I certainly can’t hold a torch to any of the huge guilds in the game who have been around since the year 1462. But together, we can make that happen!

I want a strong comradery between people who above all, respect each other and are willing to fight and die together trying to get to the top. I want people constantly looking to improve and find ways to get more out of their jobs on the battlefield. I want to try different PT comps, talent loadouts, etc… to find what we can, and absolutely cannot get away with to increase efficiency.

Perhaps we’ll learn through high end progression that we have to play it safer than I’d like to imagine, but perhaps instead we can show the world of OrbusVR that things can be done a different way! After all people don’t find METAs by always playing it safe, right? Cuz if you’re gonna die, die with your boots on!

My in game name is Axile Salamandra, and I began The Pain Train for these reasons. If this goal and mindset piques your interest, simply reply or PM me with your in game name, job, and what you would like to get out of your FS. Thanks for taking the time to read this, hope to meet you, and best of luck to all in game!


Having partied with some of the members of The Pain Train, I can totally recommend this guild. :slight_smile: Not that my recommendation might count for much! But it’s a good group and I wish you all the best!!


Thanks Malachite! I appreciate that and wish you the best as well! Hope to see you in game soon!