All my ideas for OrbusVR Reborn


Here are all my last OrbusVr Reborn ideas:

  • Notebooks :notebook: - to note stuff down and to draw things in

  • Festivals - that happen once a season in the towns square for 5 days.

  • Fun fair/ carnival - with mini games like shoot the balloons, labyrinth with enemies inside and juggling etc. and with carnival music which rotates between 4 songs. You should be able to win fun carnival clothes for your characters.

  • Pubs/ Tavern across every city and place - to relax and meet

  • birds everywhere - They should fly in the town and in the sky to make the place feels more alive. Also some should walk around in the town and fly away if you approach them

  • A stage - where meetings can be held and bards can play) I put this in bracket because the got this โ€œislandโ€ in the middle of the town

  • More fireworks

  • Give presents

  • more street signs

  • more expensive stuff like the new 1.000.000 dram mount

  • more out of combat tasks