All Quests Feedback/Problems

No worries, I understand this is the alpha so glitches and bugs are expected, and I am here to help you guys out as much as I can before launch.

Yes I do believe it sent me to the Wilds because I had to cross a brown bridge to get back to a small town. Atleast I can see NPC’s again :slight_smile: !

This was also occurring to me, however as a temporary fix (at least it worked for me) make sure you put away your journal on the page of the quest. I was doing another question that was counting the ghosts when I would kill them, however they wouldn’t count for the other question. When I flipped the page to view the “Ghost Buster Quest” and killed a ghost, it then counted it.

Currently stuck in… heaven? haha.

None of my hits were affecting the mobs so to reset, I logged out. When logging back in I spawned here and I cannot leave. I tried to use the bug fixers however it does not take me anywhere

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Yeah we just had a hard crash, go ahead and try now should be fixed.

I think the Ghost quest bug should be fixed now, and it should count all ghosts correctly.

This indeed made it work so I could complete the quest. Thank you. I just kept my player journal out with the ghost buster quest on the open page

For the witches quest it took a while for the sunflower seeds to show up in my inventory, also the alchemy chart is confusing as when you add reedflutte, and having troubles dipping the potion while blue. I lost bag of sunflower seeds. I can’t turned in quest with ruin potion

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So the couldron in the player house is off.
The colors are blue, seaweed, dark green, snot, and I didn’t let it get to red.

I think maybe the weather outside was affecting how the potion stages looked inside. I only completed the potion because I knew green is after turquoise. The actual colors were terrible.

Also it rains in the player basement.

Haha, okay.

Interesting, okay, I’ll change it so those colors aren’t affected by the light.

All my classes were reset to 1. It’s still that way after restarting

edit: Thank Riley for the quick fix!

Armour for the Ranger doesn’t fully show when you wear this hood.