All Quests Feedback/Problems

Post any problems you are having with the Tutorial here, along with any suggestions you have for making it better.

Can’t turn in the stag meat. Seems to want me to turn my player journal page which I can’t due to it being bugged.

Figured it out. Don’t turn the journal upside down. Grab from the lower right and drag to the left.

ya you can stil turn your page I believe if you grab the bottom right of the “white” page and turn to your left

Stuck at the musketeer phase. It introduces the musket, then bart says he doesnt have much experience with it. but i do not have a continue button to press. I equipped my musket, hoping that would work. I did not have my musket on me the first time i tried this, so i had to run to my house to pick it up. still did not have a continue button.

equip your bow and leave the training site by going downstairs then go back upstairs and wave to him then open your
inventory and place musket in your left hand

I notice with the stag meat its not an open quest at the end… the exlamation mark remains yellow… perhaps this is due to not being able to see the journal properly which is still glitched for me?

Yes part of the Tutorial is opening the player journal and turning a page and then putting it back away. The stag meat will actually be used for a different quest with the Chef. The actual kill is what you need to finish the quest with Bart.

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Can’t get the journal past this

Yes we are working on the bug right now, once we get it fixed we will push out a patch.

There is a patch coming out shortly that will fix player journal and compass.

Can not finish ghost buster quest. Stuck at 0/10. Killed ghost in multiple different locations.

Can’t brew the witches brew. I followed it exactly the first time and it produced a ruined potion. I then tried to go back to the witch to find more sunflower seeds but couldn’t get her to give me anymore. Where do I get more?

Yeahhhhhhh…you can’t right now, haha.

Basically we’re going to make it to where you can still complete that quest by giving her a Ruined Potion. I do know that it works if you do it right as we’ve done it like 6 times today, but maybe the instructions weren’t very clear?

The wire on the Fishing Rod disappears after you throw the bobber. When you attempt to reel it back it, nothing happens. Also, when you unequip the Fishing Rod then equip it again, the bobber appears in mid air and becomes stuck.

Where were you fishing when that happened? There might be a spot where teh water isn’t set up correctly.

Let me travel to the spot and get you a screen shot. It was by the lake next to the deer you can hunt.

Currently there are no NPC to be found anywhere or any enemies.

It sounds like you got stuck between zones. In your Player Menu, go to Settings -> Bug Fixers -> Return to Graveyard, and you will probably end up in a different area than you were before, but it should be fixed. Sorry about that.

Did you just recently start playing or have you been playing for a while?

Okay I followed the path you gave me and it spawned me in a random Graveyard ive never been to before. I am going to make my way back to town to see if I can see any NPC’s.

I just recently started playing :slight_smile:

Okay sorry about that. Did it happen to be the Wilds? Did you go across a bridge right away? I have no idea why it keeps thinking people should go there, hahaha…