Allow Capes to go into house decoration chests

Although now I’d feel bad for breaking all the capes I’ve had. Maybe add a cape vendor that can sell pure white dyable capes (maybe with various patterns for accent dye… feel like I’ve made a post for that before?) and the transmog will be displayed in the player house.


+1 on capes being able to be shown off in the house decoration. I have a snowman that must be getting cold without a cape.

Also this will fix the issue of not being able to see what a cape looks like without getting someone else to wear it or take a picture of it for you.


+1 on both of these. Id love to hang up all my cool capes. Certainly would give me something to do with my 30 capes from each world boss and raid clears

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Plus more buyable chest space for decorations


it could be cool that maybe you could buy stencils at the furniture store downstairs and its kind of like how minecraft does it with there banners but its with capes and yes I would love to see the capes inside of the house as a decoration

+1! I would also love it if pets can be placed in there, maybe they can just walk around the area like they own it :rofl: :rofl:


I want this so badly!! Maybe a buildable pet play yard. Would be amazing