Allow quick reloging in bg

i finished that quest line so quickly and the new dungeon got so old so quick. Besides, part of being good at the game is having no reason to run shards. If I don’t need to run shards and people can’t do cove right, why run something that’s already boring? Also the upcoming dungeon isn’t out so that doesn’t count as content lmao.

When you get to my level or tri’s level, you start to quickly lose interest. You’ll see it soon enough but in the meantime enjoy beating boss 4.

100% this. With how small this game’s player base is and with how low the price is, there is no way the devs have enough money to give everything the attention it deserves.

I totally would pay/donate 10€ per month to support development, and I am pretty sure quite a few players would be willing to too. Maybe they can add some exclusive cosmetics as a small incentive (some old game weapons or similar).


Further adding a reason to make it more rewarding

Even boss 4 gets boring, it’s just the same thing every week

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One singular dungeon, what’s says a human can’t get bored of one thing. Plus it’s not ike they’re adding new enjoyable content every week/month its pretty well every 2-3 months and half the time it’s cosmetics…

We’ve had lots of threads about this in the past. But how do you monetize an mmo which still has basic issues that historically has killed lots of similar games in the past where the only major difference was pancake versus VR in Orbus? How do you ask players to pay when the very foundation of the game is still shaky after so many years?

Honestly, if it wasn’t for both the amount of die hard players (aka fans of the game) willing to either find lots of workarounds for the issues still present or just keep banging their heads against the wall until they succeed, Orbus would have had no players long ago.

The trouble with this isn’t that these players (as well as the devotion of the development team) keep the game going. The trouble - at least as i see it - is that without those fixes to the foundation, the game will never properly retain new playerbase.

And when a game is unable to retain new playerbase, it both stagnates and relies on the “old trusty few” who eventually will also move on for multitudes of reasons.

And please do not get me wrong, i am trying to be as objective as i can here. I would love Orbus to succeed. But personally i must admit i have lost faith in these basic issues ever getting properly fixed, which in turn holds the game back with an iron fist.

I sincerely hope noone takes this the wrong way, but in my blatantly honest opinion, Orbus will never truly reach anywhere near its potential unless the developers fix the main problem: Reliably propagating state. It lies at the base of 99% (yeah, fictional number for emphasis) of the issues i have seen posted here over the years.


Right, I forgot, Upcoming Content isn’t Content.

You two do understand that the dev team is tiny, right? They literally do not have the resources to put out content every week/month like TricycleTin wants. If you want them to start adding content faster, maybe give them some money so they can actually afford to expand the dev team.

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yOu TwO dO uNdErStAnD yes I do understand. as I said, when you get to my level, the same level I’ve been at for years, you get bored. to you, theres still an entire raid for you to beat. for tri and I, its the same game with nothing to do. like I log in and I think of what to do and I come up with nothing. I’m not asking for weekly content. I’m asking for content that doesn’t become boring in 5 days and maybe some communication on what bugs will be fixed soon.

just to list a few:
shaman totems breaking
musket orbs doing nothing
combos breaking on warrior when swapping hands
screwy pally hit detection
teleporting backwards when going forwards
invis bugs
queues not showing
boss 2 hm
boss 4 hm leashing both cit
desync when swapping classes
ghost casting or wand not drawing
trap not sticking to hand when grabbing it

the lack of content is understandable but with this many bugs and content not being pushed out often, the game gets boring

Try to keep it classy my friend :slight_smile:

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indeed it was classy. I said that because its always small dev team small dev team. its also been like 5 or 6 years. musketeer has existed since the very beginning. why are my orbs not working??? it gets tiring to hear the same excuse over and over.

I assume by the “There’s an entire raid for you to beat” Comment you’re either stalking me on the Armory or you know nothing about me. There’s still half a raid for me to beat, sure, but that issue is down to most of the people I used to play with don’t play the game anymore. I’ve been playing this game since 2019, so maybe get off of your high horse, buddy.

If the game is boring to you now, do what most of my Fellowship did. Stop playing. Getting into arguments with people you clearly see yourself as superior to does nothing to get rid of the bugs, nor does repeatedly complaining on the forums without offering any solutions. The devs and community have been trying to figure out the source of desyncs, AKA the cause of most of the bugs you listed, for years. It’s a complex issue with no singular solution.

this isn’t an argument and there’s no superiority here. playing since 2019 doesn’t mean much when you haven’t finished all content. there’s simply a difference in experience and how much time has been spent doing content. not saying it’s bad you haven’t finished hm cit, just saying there is stuff for you to look forward to. there’s nothing for me to look forward to. don’t confuse it.

You literally used the phrase “when you get to my level” twice, maybe you weren’t intending it to come off as such, but that wording heavily implies you think you’re better than other people.

I believe this thread has served it’s purpose and will be ending things here. On a side note, we read every single bug report sent in. We appreciate the time spent on each one it takes to write up.
The best chance any given issue will get fixed is if there’s a known step by step way of reproducing it. Understandably that’s not a simple thing to ask of players. With that said, we have worked/are working/will continue to work (for the lifetime of this game) on making this game a more enjoyable experience for everyone.