Allow quick reloging in bg

Currently in battlegrounds if your desynced you need to wait 30 seconds to actually relog once you hit the button which takes forever when your in the game, could we please remove this timer to make it easier for a desynced person to get back into the game?

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Just find fixes for the most common Desync issues with PVP and BGs.

Cause once that’s fixed, it just cuts out relogging altogether.

This is something they should do but taking the timer away is something we can use while we wait for the patches because it might be a while until it’s all patched

If it was that simple, I think they’d have done that by now lol

That came off a lot more passive-aggressive and unhelpful than I intended, without the context of my words I sound like an asshole lol

What I mean is, Id much prefer for them to spend time finding and tackling the issues to make the game less buggy in these small ways than implementing small workarounds that often end up clashing with other things. Causing that feature either to be buggy itself or poorly working on release.

TL;DR: Spending time on the bugs that cause these issues and finding fixes is much more efficient than small little work arounds imo :+1:




@stone_r instead of hitting the relog button. Just hard close the application (e.g. completely exit the game by closing it outside of its internal menu). This bypasses the 30 second timer.

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Or simple, fix the game… add content, make the game enjoyable again.

yeah fr. none of this should be necessary. I mean I get bugs exist but it has been what? 5 years? it just gets so tiring and I’ve found myself quickly gravitating towards games without bugs. if orbus wants to stay afloat, they need to fix bugs.

I mean personally I don’t care what happens to this game anymore, don’t plan on playing it much longer if at all. Point being is that if the dev truly wanna break the max 100 players during uptime they need to fix the bugs regularly add content and need to advertise the game better.


Have fun not caring!

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i needed 10 characters but W

I think there needs to be more monetization in order for that to happen.

It’s a really small dev team, the cost of the game is low considering the playtime you get in return, and there are no recurring streams of income like you see with the P2W games.

Que intro music for Rise of Rupert MSP.


All 100% true and totally needs to be taken into consideration, but they need to consider the fact that people have over 3000+ hours within this game. The way I correlate the value of a game is each dollar spent on it should be it least 1 hour of gameplay, considering I have well over 3000 hours and would definitely say I got my moneys worth, I’d be a big advocate of them increasing the price of the game, maybe adding some more cosmetics and even possibly adding a new member to their team for advertisement sake. Then again the average player can always recommend the game to others and personally even with my decline in interest within the game, I would still recommend it to others and encourage them to try it it out. Don’t get me the wrong the game is amazing, but just like most old game players say, it’s lacking new content and by the them thinking that adding new, extremely rare cosmetics will satisfy the urge for more content, then they got it all wrong.


Also, maybe this is a personally thing but I really wish the pvp community was more active and enjoyable, it’s always the same people, hardly anyone new, maybe making pvp more rewarding could do the trick.

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There’s no reason to join overworld PvP in my opinion. 10% increase to XP is negligible, especially with how fast leveling is. Why take durability damage and potentially lose items when I could not with no downsides?

There’s no incentive.

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the fun is incentive. tbh tho, tri is right. there is almost nothing keeping me to this game at this point. no new content at all.

Oh yeah, no new content.

Except for the new dungeon a couple months ago.
And several questlines a few months before that.

and the other dungeon we’re supposed to be getting later this year.

But yeah. None.

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I’m sorry but that sounds funny to me. you said yea we’re getting no new content, except for all the new content but besides that there is no new content

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Exactly! If you disregard the new content there’s no new content! These devs need to pick up the slack! All, what, four of them, aren’t doing enough work.

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