Allow quick reloging in bg

Currently in battlegrounds if your desynced you need to wait 30 seconds to actually relog once you hit the button which takes forever when your in the game, could we please remove this timer to make it easier for a desynced person to get back into the game?

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Just find fixes for the most common Desync issues with PVP and BGs.

Cause once that’s fixed, it just cuts out relogging altogether.

This is something they should do but taking the timer away is something we can use while we wait for the patches because it might be a while until it’s all patched

If it was that simple, I think they’d have done that by now lol

That came off a lot more passive-aggressive and unhelpful than I intended, without the context of my words I sound like an asshole lol

What I mean is, Id much prefer for them to spend time finding and tackling the issues to make the game less buggy in these small ways than implementing small workarounds that often end up clashing with other things. Causing that feature either to be buggy itself or poorly working on release.

TL;DR: Spending time on the bugs that cause these issues and finding fixes is much more efficient than small little work arounds imo :+1:




@stone_r instead of hitting the relog button. Just hard close the application (e.g. completely exit the game by closing it outside of its internal menu). This bypasses the 30 second timer.

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