Allow teleporting with wand-hand by clicking the joystick-in (or a toggle to allow it)


To start up front, I don’t know how this would affect an older vive controller. If there are issues with that, then a toggle would be suitable.

What I’m suggesting is for controllers that have a joystick, which you normally can teleport with by either clicking in the joystick or pressing your “a”(or equivalent) button, to still allow us to click in the joystick to teleport while a wand is held (and other weapons too, if they suffer the same effect).


With lend-a-hand, you can only teleport with your offhand which directs your spells. This would allow you to teleport with your wand hand, while not dumping all of your spells to the floor any time you want to teleport.

inb4 potential: “that’s a trade off for lend-a-hand” - I agree, it is! IMO it shouldn’t be.


I always just put my wand away when I need to teleport. My spells don’t hit the ground and I stay safe¯_(ツ)_/¯


I do the same thing, and I’m still asking for this feature. It also depends on the amount of reaction time required, do you have 3 seconds? .4 seconds? In cases of miliseconds, it also matters the severity of not dodging. Death or some damage? Is it worth guaranteeing your teleport, but losing your spell damage? Lastly, this costs you the time to put away/draw you wand & reposition. This feature allows you to begin casting again with less delay & is more convenient for users such as myself, and others I’ve spoken to about this potential feature.


Sometimes you have to know when to dodge before the game tells you to

Almost always death

Yes. A dead DPS gets 0 damage per second.

I agree with the change anyways. Pretty much no one clicks the joystick when they want to cast something, so its not like a lot is going to change for people who don’t want to use this method of teleporting. (I will still probably put my wand away tho)


Sometimes you have to know when to dodge before the game tells you to

Yes, and even knowing when something is about to happen you can still find yourself in need to react quicker than usual. Anticipation/knowledge is not divination.


If you’re playing with people that know what they are doing then you rarely find yourself in these situations.


Will still be a nice feature to keep cast flow while fighting and dodging.

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