Alpha Test 3 Recap and Thoughts

Here’s the new blog post with the recap and thoughts on the Alpha test:

Please be sure to take our survey if you get a chance to give us feedback on how the Alpha is going so far overall:

In addition to that, I’d be interested in hearing feedback on the following particular topics:

  • If you tanked as the Warrior in a group setting, how did you feel overall about your ability to get quickly around the battlefield and control it? How did you feel about your overall awareness of what was going on?
  • If you healed as the Musketeer, how did you feel overall about the in-battle decision making you were doing? Was it mostly just “use the next available orb!” or did you actually save orbs for various needs throughout the fight?
  • Did anyone encounter any issues with e.g. boss resetting or getting stuck in the room this test?
  1. I felt almost powerless taking over aggro when a range based ally attacked a mob first. Maybe making the sword rush to an enemy automatically taking over aggro (or stun the enemy) would fix that. Furthermore, I felt never like using the battle cry ability. Way to much awkward steps that didn’t seem like working every time.

  2. Holding onto all your healing orbs until someone gets hurt and then just spam them all on that person, was the way to go for me. I also tried to keep the shield orb for the area attacks but mostly failed because the orb was most of the times unreachable. Maybe making the gun a bit smaller can help? Or make the orbs only float on the side of the gun closest to the other hand.

  3. The last boss had a problem with standing up almost directly after getting hit with an stalactite (spike thingy on the roof). This did not happen every run. Sometimes when I did the dungeon run, the boss just stays vulnerable for about 10 seconds like previous test. But the boss never got stuck or reset, so that seemed fixed.

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  1. I agree with Scott on the sword rush. If an enemy is moving then there is little point in using it from my short experience. It seemed like it should initiate battle with some damage maybe? The war cry skill was good but the range seemed too short to me. I loved the combos.

  2. (Healing OP) haha I really liked the class and the orb combinations you could make. It felt like maybe gravity well should last just a tiny bit longer but that’s the only thing I can think of now.

  3. Had 0 boss issues this time around.

  1. Tanking was my least favorite. I didn’t feel as though I could control anything. Rushing an enemy usually ended with them rushing past my rush to go after my dps. Liked the combos but had trouble telling if I was succeeding with landing them and which mob I was landing it on.

  2. Enjoyed the Musketeer very much. A little trouble grabbing my orbs quickly. I did hold on to lifewell for the times I knew my tank would be holding still for a bit. Held on to shield for big AOEs to shoot my turret with.

  3. We ran out of stalactites and had to wipe. After doing so the stalactites never repopped. Had to reset dungeon.

As far as testing length, it depends what you want from the tests. If you want impressive log in numbers go with a 24 hour test. If you want everyone to have time to test content and to test it at a pace that suits them better, do a 48 hour test.
Personally, I like the 48 hour test length. It gives me time to pop on for an hour here and a couple hours there and still have time for various family activities. This last test had a lot of players just trying out the new class fixes and then saying “Well, been there, done that!” or “Not enough people on for a dungeon run or PVP” Then logging off. Once you start introducing single player content i.e. Quests of varying types or crafting, people will start playing regardless of population. That’s the reason I said in the pole that quests and solo content is FAR more important than PVP. PVP like dungeons require a healthy population. Quests just require yourself.

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1. I generally felt good about my ability to get around during a fight. Awareness, probably less so… Did I know when teammates really needed relief? Occasionally I caught it, but often I had my head buried in a mob’s model, trying to land combos so I could maintain threat on at least one mob. My teammates could have called for help, but that never happened. Once death becomes a real problem (durability penalties, no free Res), maybe that’ll change.

Control, as others have mentioned, was a challenge while in the open world. Fact is, though, that until I reached level 8, my Warrior was always under-leveled compared to my party’s DPS, so maybe that’s a problem I created for myself? Should a level 3 Warrior be able to hold threat when a couple of level 6 Runemages are attacking? Probably not, right? I’m curious if people who were playing Warrior at a higher level than their DPS counterparts had as much trouble controlling fights.

Once everyone was level 8, I felt like controlling fights as Warrior was possible. Against the dungeon bosses, I never had any trouble holding threat, so that felt great.

2. The new Musketeer orb loading system shifted most of the decision making to the pre-fight phase for me. I selected my orbs with a rotation in mind, so once the fight started, it was just lock and load, while keeping an eye out for people who needed healing. This made combat less exciting for me; I didn’t have to make quick, sometimes difficult decisions because of the random orbs that popped up, as with the old system. But I expect that once mob difficulty gets re-tuned to account for all the class changes and the fights become more difficult, the challenge of sustaining heals while still contributing to DPS will make the class more exciting to play.

3. I didn’t have any major boss problems. Once or twice, the final boss didn’t play its kneeling animation after being hit by a stalactite (but did start taking damage), but that was all I noticed.

I want to add one note about the open world, leveling, etc., that affected my experience of both the Warrior and Musketeer this test. I saw that for multiple groups of players, the experience has become:

Level 1-3 in the forest by Highsteppe
Level 4-8 against the dogs on the road to Guild City.

I think those dogs are a problem. The combination of low challenge, high concentration, high spawn rate, decent XP, nearby graveyard (and now, free Res), has created a perfect storm of mindless grinding. There are more interesting fights to be had in the world, fights that demand a bit more of the tank and the healer, but I think they are rarely seen these days because it makes the most “sense” to hang in that one spot, slaughtering dogs until the land glitters bright with unopened loot sacks.

I’m 100% sure that’ll get smoothed out as we go, just wanted to mention it as something which colored my overall experience while leveling both Warrior and Musketeer. I felt relevant in those roles once I reached the dungeon, but not before, due to the current layout of the open world (and the greed/sloth of me and my fellow adventurers) :man_with_turban:


Your second point is exactly why I think a 24 hour test could be better. It’s not that we want impressive log on numbers – as noted in the most recent blog post, the overall number of users did not go up or down between 24 and 48 hours, really. It’s that we want people who are taking time out of their day to participate in the Alpha to have a decent chance of having a good time in an MMO – and that means having other people to play with.

Is it more convenient to have a 48-hour test? Yes. Are there some people we would exclude by having a 48 hour test? Yes. But I think potentially the concentration of a 24 hour test makes up for that.

I really hate the idea that people logged on to try out the game, and then found an empty world awaiting them. Yes, prioritizing adding NPCs and quests does help with that to some degree because those are solo activities; but let’s face it, the magic of MMOs and of this game in particular so far has been the socialization aspect of it. Playing the game without that socialization isn’t even really playing the same game.

That said, I really don’t have a strong preference either way. I can see arguments on both sides of the fence. Which is why I’m taking the easy way out and just letting you all vote on it, haha. So we’ll see what everyone thinks soon enough.

  • Haven’t played Warrior

  • But I had one in my group, after 4 hours full of fight, he couldn’t be a warrior anymore, painful arms :smile:)

  • For the Musketeer :

  • We were 2 heal in the group, so I definitively saved my lifewell for use it when the other healer’s lifewell end
  • I spammed the shield orb, and saved the other for the good moment.
  • I had 0 issues in the dungeon (we hadn’t kill the last boss, but we did few try without any bug (we were 3))

Edit : I agree 24h will be better (more people online at the same time), but please start it on saturday only, not friday or sunday

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Yeah, I would say, no. that should be very, very hard to do. You would basically have to be able to output twice as much threat as the average Warrior to do that. So it’s probably possible, but unlikely.

It seems like a lot of issue that’s arising is what happens when you don’t have aggro to begin with, or lose it. I’ve heard a lot of people saying that Sword Rush should cause damage because it doesn’t stop enemies from going past you.

I guess it probably depends on the scenario.

If we’re talking about an initial pull, where you rush into a group of enemies and want to lock them down initially, I think the answer there is to let you Sword Rush, then blow your horn. Right now that wouldn’t help a whole lot since Top Aggro + 10% of “0” exiting Aggro is still 0. So we can help with that by making it so Battle Cry has like a “floor” of aggro that it does equivalent to a charge of Provoke against everything it hits. That way even if nothing else has attacked the target it still comes to you.

If it’s a situation where a monster you were already attacking beings to peel away from you because a DPS in your group was doing more damage than you were doing threat, then you can do Battle Cry to help with that, but if it continues happening you’re going to lose aggro and your horn will be on cooldown, which basically is what should happen. You should really be able to keep a mob on you if you’re doing your Provoke combo on it almost no matter what – it does a lot of threat.

A solution to that could be a 36 hr test. First 24 starting at 8 am as a closed Alpha, then the last 12 opened up as an Open Alpha giving the people who couldn’t afford the $100 to try out the game for a limited time and give feedback.


Starting at 8 am on Saturday maybe. :skull_and_crossbones:️ 8 am Friday start haha


Problem with that scenario most pulls require you to have a range dps pull the target so the charge doesn’t aggro any nearby mobs. That’s how my groups attempted it. Then when the mob got appropriately far enough from the other mobs, the tank would charge and the target would continue walking right past the tank.

A possible suggestion may be to change Charge to Devastating Leap. Giving the point of impact an AOE taunt, Grabbing the attention of all mobs pulled. Cause even if you add a taunt to charge you’ll still have 3 other creatures in your range dps’s pull walking past to the rest of the party.

That’s my main issue with the warrior at the moment. If I plan on playing for hours, the warrior requires an awful lot of physical activity to play effectively and I just can’t manage it. It’s consistently been my least-played class for this reason. Collision problems with the “up” strike were a significant additional nail in the coffin for me.

And that was my experience: when I was landing that combo, I don’t think I ever lost control of a mob. But somewhat paradoxically, I was also rarely competing for threat on the mob that I was Provoking. What I saw happening a lot was this:

A group of players are clustered, a couple of mobs at medium distance. Either:

  1. Warrior charges a mob and Provokes, holding its attention. But because the warrior is blocking shots from DPS on that mob, they instead attack the neighboring one. Since the warrior hasn’t attacked it yet, that second mob switches to the ranged DPS and runs off, leaving the Warrior to either continue whacking at the first guy or else try to frantically chase the runner, which doesn’t usually work too well.

  2. Ranged DPS tries to pull one mob, the warrior then charges it but is unable to generate threat instantaneously so the mob keeps running. The Warrior turns to chase, by this time the mob is chomping on the DPS. The first mob’s friends have possibly got involved by this time and have picked non-warrior targets, probably a healer, to attack. Warrior flails about haplessly.

If groups were focused on helping (or even allowing) the Warrior to get and hold threat, things might be going differently. But for now, people don’t seem to care. Is it because the fights aren’t generally that tough? Is it because death isn’t much of a penalty at the moment? I say, crank the difficulty next test and find a way to make death a more punishing consequence for sloppy play and see if some of these problems resolve themselves :speak_no_evil:

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If your talking about dungeon difficulty I say sure why not. If you mean open world mobs, that kinda screws the solo player trying to level. Unless what you mean by difficulty is death penalties and equipment damage and such. In which case I’d say sure, why not :slight_smile:

Yes, death penalties are coming. I’ve hesitated to put them in yet simply because of how often people are still having to use Return to Graveyard as an option to fix a getting stuck mistake. I suppose I could make it to where that one doesn’t have the penalty but then people would probably just abuse it, haha.

But generally speaking, what you’re describing about people not coordinating and working with the tank is sloppy play that I’m not super concerned with addressing mechanically…obviously if you play like that once the game is live you aren’t going to be able to complete the content.


Late to the party but my 2c: sword rush sucked as an opener. I ended up waiting for a pull then using the horn when they came close. Didn’t always work, but using sword rush as an opener just let 4/5 enemies leave me away from my team and have to run back and chase them around. The horn worked with a small radius but I’d have to either try to spam Cleave or provoke each one in turn. Not optimal.

Aggro was definitely a pain in the ass
Granted it was 5x easier after the healing turret was fixed

Oh yeah, musketeer healing was op. I didn’t even use my shield 90% of the time. Just provoke, cleave, wound. Hamstring was never worth it. Only lasts about 2 seconds and makes no difference in the current battle setups.

I think if groups work together (let the warrior inch into aggro range, provoke each target a couple times, hit them with a cleave, then the dps comes in) would make fights much more streamlined. What we always did was have a mage pull then pandemonium. Granted we never tested “my way” (it’s a common mmo tactic so “my way” is rather loose) but I feel it may have 1. Made it less chaotic, but maybe the fights would take longer waiting for the tank to get aggro. It should be vital in mid and late game.

I ran the dungeon 12 times the past test(I love the dungeon) and while I did level my warrior to max level I spent almost all my time playing the new musketeer. I was the one healing you and making sure you stayed alive and I loved it. I will admit the group and I gave you little to absolutely no time to build aggro.

I disagree with people who say the musketeers healing is OP. I sacrificed all my DPS and Debuffs to make sure I had enough overhealing to make our run comfortable and successful. With groups that didn’t have logan as our tank it sometimes was only just barely enough to keep the group alive and often not enough to keep unskilled people from death.

I felt like the musketeer finally had its purpose in the group and it really showed when you make battle decisions before hand or during battle. If I wanted to take all healing orbs + healing turret I could and I had a reasonably good chance of using my skills to keep the group from death. (Lets remember musketeers do have to pay attention, aim, and hit players who are often on the move.) If I felt the tank was good enough and the group was skilled enough I could switch out two orbs for poison and weaken. I could switch my turret to dps mid boss when I watched the runemages fizzle on their spells. All these options felt great and made me feel like I had purpose even though it was obvious we have the lowest DPS.


What are your current ideas for a death penalty? Some sort of debuff that last “x” minutes? Would Runemage resurrecting give the same debuff? If not will the Runemage rez require some type of reagent or other cost to make death still have an actual cost (since you could be in a party of 5 people who all have a Runemage at whatever level they’d get rez)

It is planned for the resurrection and portal spells (the “rituals”) to require some sort of reagent in the future.


Thank you! Was trying to search that up as had a feeling it was mentioned before, but wasn’t able to find it myself.