Alright, nevermind. My bad

Sorry to make suggestions to such a touchy topic. I’ll just shut up from here on out…

Solo content would be fun, but should under no circumstances give the same level items/transmogs that shards, and especially raids, give.


Why not? All the current system does is punish solo players by not properly equipping them for group stuff. And that in turn hurts the groups trying to put together raid parties since these solo players who want to try the raids and dungeons aren’t properly equipped to do so, and will cause failures of the dungeons and raids for their group.

Its a mmo. You can solo up to a point and after which you can join random dungeons or plan dungeons. Its not ment to be a solo game.

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This game isn’t a single player game, it’s an MMO. If you want the highest level gear, you have to do the hardest content; in this case, dungeons and raids. Having solo content that gives the best gear in the game would defeat any reward system for end game activity.

Regarding being geared up for raids and dungeons, it doesn’t take more than a few shards to get geared up properly, and honestly, unless you’re tank only your weapon level will make much difference. Just green level 30 armor will suffice for dps/heals.

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I mostly play solo and intend to mostly play solo til I get a Halo …and I don’t feel punished…
You good with base gear til Shard level 3 so the overworld does indeed prepare you for endgame content groups…
Also why would you need + gear if you are playing solo and doing the things that solo players do?

Also… I am looking to trade Angel Wings for a Halo, please contact me here or in game if anyone is interested… IGN: Blackthorne