Alternate weapons Idea

Ok so we know there are only 4 classes but what if
there are Alternate weapons for the same class that changes its roll a bit.
an example: the Rune mage could have a staff as an alternate weapon changing
the Type of spells they use Going from Ranged DPS to Support/healing type
or a warrior could change from sword a shield to a katana Going from Tank to mele assassin

though I don’t know how it would work but its just an idea
the point is that the players retain the same class but can have different builds and rolls
this way the class system does not need to change and there is Variety to go around

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Just out of curiosity, how would this differ from changing to an all new class? Right now the only thing that really defines your class is the weapon that you are using. So, if you switched from a sword and shield to a katana, wouldn’t that be the same thing? Especially since you’d receive new abilities from the switch because all of those shield abilities wouldn’t do you any good now. I guess you could wear the same type of armor, but armor in other games doesn’t always change based only on class.

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I’m not entirely Sure the idea was to simply let players have Different Builds of the same class this way
everybody can play the rolls they are most comfortable with. some people like Shooting withGuns
but don’t want to be seen as a healer/Support. See my point? if they can switch to a different Gun people
would know what type of combat to expect from them.
What if you wanted to Be a Support Class but where limited to a wepon you are terrible at useing?
everybody Wants to deal damege But cant Use a sword properly to save thier lives.

I agree that it would basically be adding a new class if they did that. it would be cool to have a 2h weapon class. 3 out of the 4 class are ranged. Riley has stated in a past forum post that a 5th class was one of the stretch goals that they did not meet. It makes me sad but I believe OrbusVR will launch like a rocket! The future hold many wonders my friends and who knows what might happen.


The musketeer’s orbs will not be random in the final build. you will be able to choose 4 orbs that you want to have and they will be on a cooldown. The player will be able to choose if they want all dmg orbs, healing/buff orbs or a mix of each.

Woah, my brain just did a thing!

Ok so instead of adding alt weapons why not just create a variety of weapons for the Warrior class and they all basically function the same. like some Two handed weapons or single handed weapons like Warhammer or battle axes and a cutlass. that way the class does not need to change and there is variety in it or everybody
(everybosy who plays worrior that is)

I would like to see different weapons with slight tweaks for that class, so maybe the elderwood bow can shoot further faster but the ebony bow has a faster recharge on something idk. But not completely different weapons and not new abilities.


Perhaps, for example, if a Warrior goes from a Sword/Shield to a Katana or such, the Damage output would increase, but defense would decrease.

For a runemage, a Staff would provide more Attack power, but less support power, so buffs would be weaker or just last a shorter time when using a staff)

For an archer, a crossbow would decrease power, but make it easier to aim and perhaps have less of a drop.

For a Musketeer, the musket would work as it does, but perhaps it would have dual-flintlock that prevent the use of orbs, but increase rate-of-fire so it can do more damage.

Just my own two-cents :slight_smile: Personally, im all for it.

Warrior: (I’ve already said this before) dual wield, no blocking, double damage

Mage: staff, all spells aoe, but at a lower potency


Musketeer: elephant gun, only 2 spells, which regenerate faster

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Well no, for RP purposes you might not like a certain weapon or something. Oh and also ima put a emoji down just for the badge lol.:joy: