Am i wasting my time transmog hunting?


So for the past couple weeks i have been farming wilds gear going for the transmogs. Im almost done with my warrior class and just need the chest piece. However, i started and finished bestiary 6 and still no chest piece. Still farming with friends and i probably have at least 200 aberration kills, and still no chest piece. Needless to say im getting a little frustrated, especially at the fact that my group is getting drops like candy and i go 10-15 kills getting nothing. In one run, our musketeer left with a full set, and doubles of the gun and chest piece. I had 1 drop in the whole 2 hour expedition.

I know the devs have said that tradu armor and up will make it to reborn, either at day one or shortly after, and the leveling gear will come in if they can. SO, am i killing myself for no reason? Are wilds transmogs even going to make it into reborn? If they are, will all Orbus original transmogs be unlocked for everyone or only the stuff you have actually unlocked?

I need to know before i spend the next month hunting gear only to find out that time could have been better spend doing other things.


As far as I understood transmogs unlock much later, not on release, but once they are added and only if you farmed them in the original game. That’s the point of the legacy transmogs, they are a kind of distinguished reward for those who played the original, similar to the no-longer available backer-cloaks (though only a handful of players will be able to farm each and every legacy transmog…). ALL the reborn gear will be different.
I suppose you saw the chest model dropping for others? Because in rare cases it could be bugged out. Other than that good luck, I know similar cases, if you look for one specific piece it can take a really long time.


I found going in smaller groups was the quickest way to get the transmog gear from the wilds with 2-3 people in the group you can still keep up with the spawn rate of the aberrations but have a higher chance of gear drops than a party of 5, at least this is how my experiences have been

The devs said it will not be in for release but will come at a later date as they will have to remake all the gear models as the new avatar design is totally different.

Riley did say it would be tradu gear and higher but I think because of how many people like the wilds gear and the amount of time people put into getting it they may also bring wilds gear back too (I sure hope so anyway)

As for will the current transmog be available to everyone, no, it will only be for those that have unlocked it in the current game


Boooooo I want the beginner gear transmogged back in reborn!! :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for the replies, I’ll just keep farming then. Hopefully it won’t be for naught when reborn takes over.


Oh so far I thought this includes the wilds gear since it got similar stats :frowning: . I got quite some of my favorite pieces out of the wilds. And I agree with Scott, the beginner’s gear got also some very nice outfits, actually I regret that it’s not planed to make it all available, but wilds I do hope is coming.

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