An apology to everyone

Dear OrbusVR Community,

You have been amazing. Your feedback and suggestions (and caring enough to share them with me) especially, considering at the time I seemed committed to ignoring everything you had to say.

I have been an asshole.

I abused all the bugs I could to gain an advantage in PvP (by refusing to re-log to fix the bugs). It sucked to be on a team with me (where you had to decide between supporting/ignoring a cheater, or losing the match), and on the flip side it would also suck to be playing on the opposite team because it was so unfair. I gave you no real options.

When called out for my behavior, I doubled down and added insults to injury.

Orbus is supposed to be a happy place where we play together. My harassment and bullying took that away from you.

Then when you took time out of your day to give me; suggestions, help, and warnings about my actions. I completely shut you out and ignored you. I should have listened to you.

There is no excuse I could offer to cover up how terribly I have treated you all.

Thank you again for taking your time to read this message and the fact that you were willing to help me.

I appreciate you all, thank you again.

You deserve better, and I am going to do better to deserve you and the help you have already given me.



It takes a lot to come forward publicly and make a statement like this. I’m not sure that we ever played together, but major respect for this.


aye it happens man, especially when you get into it a lot especially getting lost in the fun/reaction, big respect that you stepped up and apologize and owned up for your mistakes. You deserve a second chance :smile: , hope everyone feels the same. Hope the best for you as well. You got this ;D


As already said, big thumbs up to admitting and owning your mistakes.

If you, on top of that, send @Mathieu_D or similar some reports of exactly what you did so that the team can (possibly) fix the issues, then that will both benefit everyone as well as remove temptation for others to act similarly.



Great job of you for stepping up and admitting where you were wrong, it takes a really mature person to do that, especially on a public forum like this. I personally believe in second chances, and i look forwards to playing with you again in the future.


Thank you @Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeshka, @SMILE, @OndeTv, and @bubbaking! :slight_smile:

@OndeTv I’ve messaged the developers with all the things I know about the desyncs, hopefully they can use it in the future to fix them, Thank you!


(uses all his knowledge from “cheating” to help the devs fix the game)

Nice to see you’re changing for the better.

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