An idea for triplicity spell rendering & tracking

So not sure, just tossing it out there.

Currently when a mage casts triplicity and uses fireball, other players sees 3 separate fireballs. Each one can hit an enemy, a wall, etc and disappear. Afaik, all 3 might be getting tracked.

What if instead, they made a rendering of all 3 fireballs into just 1 spell effect? So rather than tracking the movements of three separate spells(assuming this is the case), they can track the movement of just one spell? As if triplicity was not being cast at all? The hitbox (that would make the spell disappear) would remain with the main/full-damage fireball and the little fireballs would only be there for visual effect.

The above would be displayed to other users. For your own triplicity, you would track all three fireballs individually as if nothing is different than today (although, maybe offer this option for people with low-end PCs? I’d recommend not though as your little fireballs could pull mob aggro).

The only way I see this mattering to anyone is PvP. However, in general, aren’t you just afraid of the main fireball anyways? What is the benefit of knowing if 1 or 2 little fireballs have already broken and aren’t really there versus having better framerates?

We can know they are separate spells at the least because we can observe the smaller spells breaking. It’s unclear if the tracking is shared or separate. I also don’t know enough to say if it’s simply the rendering of that many effects in the air and if combining them into 1 would be better or not. This poll however is to say whether you care that it becomes the case or not.

Yay, nay?

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What about making your main spell just twice as big instead of making 2 smaller ones next to it?


you know people can already disable spells if its causing performance issues

I actually do disable spells EVEN in PVP, which as you can guess has its downsides. Cant see who is attacking for one.

Dodging visible spells is not really viable anyway after reborn, as hit is based on attackers hit indicator, not the defenders viewpoint, which divert from each other quite a bit.


i mean even if you dodge them you still get hit so your right

I’d say the common preference would be to see enemy spells, rather than disable. Regardless of how the hit mechanics work. It also tells you what type of spell, like afflictions instead of fireballs, and some newer players spam frost instead, etc. Disabling runemage effects doesn’t fix this.

It may also make the effects more tolerable in raids for some PCs, which has a few advantages in itself.

Lastly it would make Highsteppe less laggy for some players.

This is not entirely correct. Spells dodging, kiteing spells into a musketeer’s turret or use of terrain to block spells is standard in reborn pvp.

you should test that out a bit Kala, if you keep your distance you can dodge it, but there is a point where you will be hit and take damage despite the spell going past you, think i counted it to about a 300 ms window.
Easiest proof if having someone shoot a fireball 3 at you, have a teleport ready and jump when its right next to you, you will see the fireball continue on and still take damage

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Can confirm with like 13-73ms I die after dodging spells (by quite the distance & time).

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( I spin my Fireball3’s into your back when you dodge. )

but yes there is disparity between where you see the spell and where it is … but it has improved significantly from day 1 reborn.

I think there should be a minimalist setting where any projectile is just like a teleport lazer line or scoundrel bullet coming at you , you dont know what it is without contex but you know to dodge the spec flying at you.
be it a bullet , arrow, spell , orb, etc. etc. a flying placeholder pixel for Any projectile.

also let me select Quest as a minimalist option while in PCVR to see how the otherhalf lives…
or just enjoy the not blinding player house / tavern
(pcvr hurts my eyes in the tavern or training hall in player house)

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We have the current red downward arrow mechanic from the dungeon AOE damage. I wonder if that could be used in PVP if you’re targeted by a ranged attack/spell for a certain duration?

Ehhh there is no targeting, all is aim so that may be hard to do, and actually make those using it have an advantage if they got it working … you would get a pop up from shots at your back.

I think realistically that would be the only possible way that could register the collision fast enough on the recipient system. It would still have to be heavily coded with a collision prediction range radius to give any kind of indication of an upcoming collision. Essentially, each projectile would have an elliptic collision prediction bubble around them (lets say 8m in travel direction diameter and 2m larger in side diameter than the actual projectile hit box). If the prediction bubble collides with the recipient hit box then the “danger” indicator is popped and of course followed shortly by the actual projectile if the recipient hit box is not moved out of the way.

Currently, since the attack is registered on the attacker’s side then sent to the server and only after registered on the recipient side. If you used any kind visible predictive outline i think it would be a total mess where it would: continuously flicker changing directions for guided things like spells; get disassociated from the source when the attacker moves; as new attacks are generated it would be impossible to track with dozens of predictive lines all around you.

The “danger” indicator would give the recipient an advantage but it seems like that’s exactly what you are trying to achieve. It would potentially give a bit of an advance warning to those being “backstabbed” but depending on the collision detection radius they’re probably not going to have enough time to react since they weren’t already expecting it and the attack will impact them in less than a second.

I believe you on the numbers and affliction 2 is a pain to dodge (I think this one might even be more desynced than the others) but I literally play this way in battlegrounds. It works very well as long as you anticipate some things and make heavy use of collision geometry.

Lag and disagreement between timing of server and client is always going to be a problem for any internet game unless playing on local LAN or something. I doubt trying to squeeze a few extra ms of agreement between the two is really worth it.

Edit: just reread thread, 300 ms is actually pretty bad and could maybe be improved. If it’s the 13-73 ms Delceri mentioned, I don’t think it is really worth the effort to improve.

I’m a bit confused exactly what @Delceri is counting. Time it takes to die after dodging spell?

Don’t think it can be improved, that’s more or less server ping from Europe and back. Improvement would reqiuier it to be server side

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