Anchor Issue - Scoundrel Cards do not stay where anchored


Since I’m playing with an arm sling for the next few weeks, I’m running a heavily modified anchor placement…

Good arm - Right
Gun placement - Right side, card belt slightly moved down (no issue), and card deck is above that (right pec).
Card deck is basically in a place that left arm folded in 90 degree angle can easily grab.

Issue: The card deck has a habit of switching back to the left default side. Usually happens when zoning or switching classes (usually shaman). I can’t repeat a good way of getting my arrangement back. If you modify anchor, the blue marker ball is where I expect it… Sometimes just going into this mode and back out fixes the location. Logging out/in also works.


I’ve noticed this also. The cards will switch between the default position and the new position. Sometimes grabbing a card will pop it back to the new anchor, sometimes not.


Yeah I think this was reported right when the anchors were introduced:

but honestly, there’s way h oh sorry I crashed

igher priority bugs :stuck_out_tongue:

Hello? can you still here me?

Try relogging

Oh crap now I can’t hear you. Does anybody else see my mount ON MY HEAD?


Yeah, it’s annoyingly minor… but on the plus, it’s forcing me to get really good with Showoff curving!!

That’s my bad that I didn’t see it was reported already