Another noob question

Found the first NPC somehow I got her to start talking to me… the world “continue” is in pink but I cannot do anything to get her to continue… I have used the trigger to point but nothing I point at advances anything

Yeah I think that’s a bug currently, sorry ^^;

You can try restarting the game to see if it fixes it. Some people have reported that eventually it just goes away but we’re not totally sure what’s causing it yet. That whole NPC interaction system is new this test so it’s pretty buggy.

Oh ok, I don’t mind feeling ignorant as long as I’m not stupid <3

Thank you that worked… now I just keep dying a lot… will google a tutorial on how to use skills and such thanks so much! should have links to all the guides we have for each class!

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Thanks, found that! It’s still very confusing for a noob, looking forward to the in game tutorial to come. Confusing or not, I am SO excited for the future of this!