Another Open Beta?

Hi there - just wondering if there will be another open beta weekend? Unfortunately I was away on vacation and missed it :frowning:

We will be holding another open weekend of some kind. No details on specifics right now, though…it will definitely be much later in the development process.

Thank you for the response - noticed with you back the game you will have access to the closed beta… really wish I could have tried it forst before I pay over the $50…

I know this is an old thread, but I figured I would comment here. I learned about the game after all the open betas happened, and would be happy to back the game, but really want to try it out first. Asking $50 for people to try it out is too much. Even if you did a lower tier closed beta ($10 to get in for that weekend) type of thing, I’d even try that.

The game looks amazing, and I am excited to try it out some time.

I’ve talked with a few people who had yet to ever play the game and bought it for this closed beta. Far as i know everyone loved it. This is a very addicting game and it’s super fun and social. When you make a potion in the game you actually grab stuff and put it in a pot. You’re stuck on a quest? Go ask a higher level and see what they know. See some people killing the same stuff as you, walk right up to them and ask them if they would like to party up and 90% of the time it works and now you have some new friends. The community is great and it feels as if we really try to help lookout for one another. You see a player running away from a mob low on hp? Normally people will rush over to try and save you. This game in my mind and i feel like everyone else who had gotten it is worth the $50 even when it launches at $40 it will be more than worth it in my mind. Hope that helped somewhat. If not there is a plan for another open beta in the future maybe 2 or 3 months from now

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There was mention of the possibility of another open beta - just not sure when. Since my original post I have backed the game and been involved in 2 closed beta tests. Best $50 I have ever spent… as soon as the beta is over I am left wishing and wanting more… the current closed beta will be ending today and I already can’t wait for the next…

Thanks for the responses guys, it does sound really promising. I will keep my eyes peeled for the next betas, open or closed, and seriously consider getting into it at that point. Sounds like a fantastic game. I still have a hard time putting $50 into a game that I can only play occasionally, but maybe during the next closed beta I will take the dive.

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You have every right to be sceptical about spending $50. It’s not exactly a small amount.

That said, there is nothing like orbus on the VR market. In a large number of ways, there won’t likely be one for a long time. MMOs are a risky thing to make, and VR is already super niche.

The Game feels great, and those of us who are playing now are working to make sure the game is as good as it can be.

The $50 paywall also keeps people who are less enthusiastic about that goal out, which greatly increases the positive vibe the community has, while making our testing more productive.

So many people have been stuck on something and we all work hard to answer those questions. It’s no fun when you can’t figure out where to go, or can’t grind out the last few levels alone. We are all working hard to make sure orbus is as awesome as can be!


Thanks for chiming in Allen.

One other question, my understanding that the game is only available for play during specific closed beta dates, is that correct?

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Here’s a link to the current testing schedule:

Also, in case you hadn’t seen it, here’s a link to the blog post about buying the game:

Currently you can buy in and experience all of the remaining tests leading up to release for $50. If you were to wait until release when you could play every day you would also spend $50 (at least there was another price hike planned for release last I heard). You will also receive a few freebies to show off at release by buying in now.

EDIT: I realized I didn’t explicitly answer your question. Yes, you can only play during the date ranges provided in the testing schedule.

Thanks for the response @Damage_Da_Mage. You all have been super helpful, this game seems to have a really great community behind it.