Antioch Fellowship - OrbusVR Community Clan

Hi all! Welcome to what may not be your first fellowship but will hopefully be your last.

The Antioch Fellowship is aimed at both first-timers and veterans alike. There are no class requirements and as long as you log in once a month, you’re more than welcome to join us. However, we do require our users to be 18 and older, as we intend to target a more mature player-base.

Having difficulty advancing in game? Struggling on the finer points of a specific class? Do you like to take the lead of a party but don’t have enough friends online to join you? Ready to tackle end-game content? Antioch aims to solve this problem for all players.

Obviously there are limits to the amount of players that can join a fellowship, so to remedy this for the time being, we will be forming sister-fellowships under the same flag so we won’t be limited to any number of players.

To join our discord, please click the link below. You’ll be required to wait 10 minutes before being able to use the Discord channel. Upon entry, prepare to copy/paste an application in the #Application channel with a few basic questions. See pinned posts in that channel.

Be respectful of fellowship members. Communication and patience is key. We strive to be a supportive and beneficial community not only for our members here but the Orbus community as a whole.