Any Artist in the Community? Ps. I Miss Daeresha

As the title ask, Is there any artist in the community? @Daeresha used to make fan art we all loved however she stepped away from Orbus to try out other art forms.

So I just wonder if there are any other artist that play Orbus and are part of the community.

Here is Daeresha’s art she did for me.

Here is a painting I did of the Oldbus Raid Mask

Here is a rendition of my painting I did on my pc

Here is my latest artwork for my YouTube Channel

I’d like to see other players art! @Daeresha if you see this I would love to see your latest art for I don’t follow you on anything like I wish I did just haven’t found your art pages.

Anyways feel free to post artwork below! I’ll check it all out!


That raid mask for your YouTube looks pretty awesome :sunglasses:
While I’m still drawing and such, I don’t put everything online, traditional mediums don’t always take nice pictures (or I’m just bad with photography :laughing:). Anyways, what I do share can be found here: daeresha - Hobbyist, General Artist | DeviantArt
You’re awesome, and I hope some other artists will come forth :heart_eyes:


Thank you so much! My brother sketched it up for me and I just remade it on my pc.

I have this idea for another artwork piece hence why I was looking for an artist if you by chance have the time.

I think it would be right up your ally and be perfect for your art style.

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No promises, but I’ll listen to your idea. And maybe if other artists see your idea then they might be inspired to contribute :slightly_smiling_face:

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Generally from my experience if you want art done you normally have to pay some sort of fee. Idk though I’ve only been commissioning artists for the last 8 years for artwork.
Correction I mean 10 years of commissioning artists.
If you are looking to pay for it that is one thing but the wording was odd to me about looking for an artist. Sorry if it came off the wrong way.


Of course I’d be willing to pay


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