Any German Guild?

Hey guys, im searching for a nice Guild (would prefer a german guild but im ok with anything else too (:slight_smile: .

I try to main a Warrior Tank (at least i think i do :smiley:)
and im searching a nice guild to lvl together and for endgame content.
im 26 years old and before Orbusvr i mainly played World of Warcraft and other mmos for more than 13 years, so im pretty good mmo experience, my english sucks a little bit since its not my native language, but i think its good enough for comunication, thats what my rbg mates in wow told me ;D.

So if any Guild need or want a Warrior main, im your sword and your shield!

There is also a German channel on the community discord.

I played with some nice Germans in a guild a couple days ago… Gummibarengarde I believe.