Any guides for Festival of Strangers event?

Trying to find these lights and I’m getting really lost. Is there any guide on how to do the event?

All the lights are on my interactive map:


Main problem is I’m on the Quest 2 and there is no way to pull up the map while in-game on untethered Quest 2, so I’d need a guide to show me around still.

I ummm… don’t have the best sense of direction. (Ended up in the wastelands trying to get to lavamora from highstepp. (Edit: While using my compass). That is how bad my direction sense is.)

Don’t forget about your compass. It has “north” as well as way points marked on it - just spin in circles to find the other landmarks. If you die enough in a zone, you do learn it… eventually… but the compass makes it a bit easier :grin:

None of them are really “hidden”…
I found them just by wandering around in the various zones.
If your sense of direction is really that bad, just keep a wall on either your left or right and you’ll be traveling in a circle.
Good Luck!

Ask around higher level players in highsteppe. Nearly all of them will help. You may even get a level 30 guide.

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