Any updates on PSVR plans?

First off, Reborn is excellent and re-sparked my interest in this game. EVERYTHING about it is light years better than before and I am soooo excited to experience it all. I only have one friend that has VR but he only has PSVR since he doesn’t have a PC. I was just curious if this was still in the pipeline so I could have a close friend to share this experience with. Thanks so much!

Most likely no or nowhere in the near future. There are 4 main reason that Reborn might or will not come to PSVR.

  1. PSVR requires payment for updates. It is published Sony policy that developers have to pay a fee to update their game. This may not happen for small developers often but they still could be charged with a fee to update their game. If that happens you and your friend would be playing on different servers at all times due to a version difference if Orbus does not pay the fee for updating small bugs and only updated when it would be a massive update. This is why a few console games have massive bugs while the PC version does not have said bugs. Orbus is a smaller company but it is possible they may not be exempt from Sony policy and might not risk it.
  2. Sony hates early access games. We also have to keep in mind Orbus just came out of early access and therefore Sony would be weary of if it should be on their platform (it is their final call after all) and would either hold off on letting the game in or not at all. Sony cares about their reputation over their fans, if a game like orbus got into PSVR and has so many bugs. Any game that is, it could wreck their reputation, so its hard for me seeing Sony take the plunge soon; maybe 5 years but not soon.
  3. It is an MMO which is not a very poplar playstation genre. The only other MMO that PSVR has that I know off the top of my head is Rec Room. Sony could just not see the worth in Orbus because of this genre and just skip it.
  4. The code could need massive changes to even make PSVR work. Due to it being on a totally different system of the PSVR and possibly for the PS4 if you need to plug in PSVR to the PS4 the coding for it could be drastically different or changed code. This is possible but would leave current players content starved. This could be done after raids come out but not before as if it is before raid will most likely have to be a delayed release which would make many existing players who want this content angry at its delay for PSVR.

However there is hope! According to a review of the PSVR in 2019 at there is a way to play steam games with a PSVR and therefore he could play OrbusVR. However it does require him to already have a good enough gaming computer for Orbus which you said he does not have, though at that point it would be better just to get a vive or oculus and set it up as they are officially supported if he got a good enough gaming computer.

At this point it is out of our hands. Currently the only way to play is if he has a gaming computer sadly and as I said at that point it would be better to buy a compatible headset. Orbus might or might not make the decision to try to get onto PSVR and Sony might accept or deny their request to add PSVR. However I just find it unlikely that PSVR will be coming to Orbus anytime soon.

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