Any WMR support?


Are there any plans for official WMR support? I’ve seen topics from last year where it’s not supported, but are there plans to in Reborn? If not, why?

Is there a list of things known not to work with WMR?


As far as I know, fishing is the main item of difficulty with WMR, due to the haptic response I think…
Hopefully someone with WMR could advise better.
Otherwise, from what I understand, all other aspects of the game seems to work ok even while not officially supported.


Thanks! I did the first open beta with WMR, it seemed to work just fine but fishing obviously wasn’t a thing yet. I’d love to hear what the ‘official’ plan is for WMR, from at least my small bubble, they’re selling like crazy so it seems it would be a boon to Reborn to officially see that silly little WMR logo along side the vive and oculus ones on the homepage.


fishing is actually super easy for WMR, just constantly pull back your rod while reeling in waiting for a fish. After your line starts to turn red you can stop pulling back.

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