Any word on legendary transmogs?


I’ve been grinding away, no luck yet hehe.

Anyone have any solid Intel in regards to legendary transmogs?

Drop chance, requirements, certain mobs with increased drop chance?

Maybe higher drop rate with world pvp?

Any new information?



riley said this in another thread.

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You’re the bomb, thanks man.


What’s the actual item? Those silly cat ears? Is there anything more…epic looking?


You can see them in the Wardrobe, I think. I’ve heard of wings as well.


Halo, Cat Ears, Demon Wings, and Angel Wings.


THIS is an actual legendary item :smiley:?? I find em great but thought it was normal armor and pretty sure the owner does not know it as well with all the transmogs we get from vendors… there should perhaps be a sound and notice if you find something like it?


While we are at it, when are we getting the weapon legendary transmogs, are those coming with the raids? I got my bard weapon sitting right here looking the same as my epic right now :smirk:.


Yes the plan is for those to come in with the Raid patch.

And the overworld drops do have them marked as “Legendary” in the tooltip so I mean it should be hopefully fairly obvious they are special haha.

In addition to the Halo, Cat Ears, and Wings, there is also the Elognata pet, that I believe at least one person has gotten.


Is this also tradeable? It’s not listed on the AH like the others


When it first drops it is in a pet crate that is tradable. Once you open the crate and get the pet out it is soulbound.


Is that Pet Crate sellable on the AH? if so what Category is it under?


Omg a legendary pet, cuteeeeeeeeee!


there is also the Elognata pet, that I believe at least one person has gotten.

Can confirm, saw the guy with the pet outside of the dungeon entrance about a week or so ago


If you can recall, what did it look like?


Was is the lil venus flytrap thing?

Deets about the looks of Elongata-pet

Looks exactly like a miniature Elongata, so yeah like a miniature venus flytrap thing. Didn’t see it move cause the guy was AFK but I imagine it just glides along the floor

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Sneaky Talk

Yeah, that thing is rad. It glides and moves its head forward and backwards w/ motion if im not mistaken


I have seen 2 different ppl walk with it.

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