Anyone else's launcher take 15-20 minutes each start?

So I have an interesting conundrum. Every time I start the Orbus launcher, it takes between 15-20 minutes to verify all the files. It also redownloads the full asset files every launch, which contributes to a large portion of this.

My wife and I both play, and she does not have this issue. We are on the same connection, and we bought duplicate machines so our hardware is the same. We will both turn on the launcher around the same time, and she will be in the game and playing within 2 minutes tops. 13-15 minutes later, I show up.

I checked my connection on speedtest, and I’m seeing 80Mbps solid connection (ethernet to router, not wifi).

It’s mind boggling! I played early in the morning this morning, about 1am, and then tried to log back on again at 2pm… another 15 minute wait. It downloads each file at a maximum speed of maybe 2MB/s, but usually it’s averaging at about 0.3-0.5 MB/s.

So… anyone else seeing this as well, or am I the only unlocky one? =D

It seems like every time a patch is released you then have to download the whole game I played about 5 hours ago and the patched was done within a minute but tonight after a patch it’s doing the whole download again.

The patching system we have right now isn’t the best…it’s just a temporary solution since in a few weeks we’ll just be using the Steam and Oculus built-in patching stuff. It shouldn’t need to re-download the files every time, but it does need to re-download some/many of them when I put out a patch (which I did this morning). The last one before that I put out was Friday morning. Is it possible you’re just getting on after I am putting out patches and then not playing again until the next patch is out?

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