Anyone happen to be selling Body Lantern Potions?

Couldn’t find any place more appropriate for this so throwing this in community.

Is anyone selling Body Lantern Potions? If so, for how much? I believe I need 8 of them for MSQ and well… you sort of need to be able to see/identify colors for reliably successful alchemy in this game ^_^;

Nope. I tried buying them for a week. I see you are in the end of the MSQ’s? I just spent hours getting the Roto Spores to make those Body Lantern Potions to finish that quest. Going forward I think I will sell them in the future because I think they will be a good market since people don’t like fishing and Roto Spores are difficult to obtain in order to make these potions.

Yeah, there would probably be a decent market for them as long as new players are coming in.

Count how many times it bubbles. Whenever you put that step in, it will always bubble to blue.

I, too, have this problem. While I appreciate the legend above us, a colorblind symbol would also be greatly appreciated.

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Thanks to whoever put some Body Lantern Potions up in the auction house in batches of 8!


You are welcome! :slight_smile:

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awesome i actually need body lanterns for the msq too!

Save some for me, eh?

There were 24 (8x3) left when I last saw.

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